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Subject: Pronounciation of Eva --Questions
Author: Eva's Mom   (guest,
Date: October 10, 2006 at 6:44:02 PM
Regarding the female name of Eva. I have seen this stump many people in previous posts. I have 12 month old twins and one is named Eva like "EH-vuh" She is named after her great-great grandmother who is of French decent. (I always loved the name and felt it was a different and less heard of alternative to "EE-vuh" and "AY-vuh".) I have read on previous posts arguments that the SPANISH pronounciation is either "AY-vuh" or "EH-vuh"....but I have seen nothing about the French language (took German so I am clueless). I assume it is the similar argument. Also, I believe it is pronounced "EH-vuh" in Italian too? I love the name and I feel pretty confident that she will not know any other girls called "EH-vuh" which I really like....but during the past year, I have had to correct so many people with the correct pronounciation and I often get looks like I made the name up or something!!!!!!!!!! I need solid evidence (other than that is the way her relative's name was)because I am afraid this is going to be a lifelong thing for her...didn't think of it in that manner when I was pregnant. Can anyone confirm for me? Thank you!

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