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Subject: Re: Pronounciation of Eva --Questions
Author: Eva's Mom   (guest)
Date: October 11, 2006 at 5:31:35 PM
Reply to: Pronounciation of Eva --Questions by Eva's Mom
Thank you for a quick response...interesting commentary about the French origin...maybe we will hear more from those who speak the language. Other than my family member, I have never heard the name used like we do (EH-Vuh) so I am interested in that movie as well (even if it may be really Eh-buh). Didn't know about the Hungarian influence (my husband will love that since that is his ancestory).

Also I have noticed that I have yet to locate a name book/baby book or source (including this website) that cites "Eh-vuh", only the versions of "EE-vuh" and "AY-vuh"....I find that odd, especially since we know that it is used, although less commonly, and the first few syllables of the names Evelyn and Evangeline are the same as my Eva.......

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