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Subject: Re: pronounciation of Ethne....
Author: Ember   (Authenticated as CamilleTheGreat)
Date: October 29, 2006 at 1:11:57 PM
Reply to: pronounciation of Ethne.... by dondonsae
In Gaelic Irish...

>>"e" is as in peck
>>"th", whether a slender or broad consanant, is pronounced like the English "h"
>>"n" is the same in English
>>"e" at the end of a word/name is usually pronounced similar to English shwa (sp?) as in Caoimhe (KEE-va)
>>and Gaelic names almost always have the stress on the first syllable.

so I'm pretty positive it's EH-na, probably with a little guttal (sp? i've never actually seen that word written down) break in between the syllables.

If anyone can correct that, go ahead.

Camille J
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