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Subject: Re: Benedict
Author: Andy   (guest)
Date: September 20, 2004 at 11:28:23 AM
Reply to: Benedict by Matthew
You are right: in classical Latin there is "bene dicere" (to speak well, to be eloquent). Used with the Dative, it could also mean "to speak in favour of, to praise". That's why "benedictus" (past participle) was ideal to serve as a translation for the Greek "eulogetos" (there is only Eulogios as a name), which again is the translation of the Hebrew "Baruch" (blessed, praised), a name found in the bible.
So in Latin (as in Greek) the spoken word seems to be the main thing, whereas in the Hebrew bible there is always some action that goes with the spoken word: hands placed on s.o. else or at least hands lifted up, a kiss or a hug. The original meaning of the Hebrew word "barahk" is "to endow with healing power".

Andy ;—)

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