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Subject: Re: Meanings and origins of these Top 1000 names?
Author: RachelChristine   (Authenticated as RachelChristine)
Date: September 21, 2004 at 11:15:14 PM
Reply to: Meanings and origins of these Top 1000 names? by Julia_Gabrielle
I'm working on a database where I put in the top 1000 every year and try to find their meanings. Here's what I have on the names you listed so far: (oh, & if I didn't get it from here, I haven't marked the source yet, so I haven't checked this site or necessarily double checked the meaning is from a reputable source -- sometimes I'm just happy to have something! LOL I have started marking my sources now)

Anahi -- Armenian, goddess of the moon
Anaya -- I've seen this listed as Hindi and/or African "Look up to God" or Hebrew "God answers" or "answer of God" No idea if either is right.
Aniya, and Aniyah -- One website listed these as Celtic "Joy, ardent"
Arely -- Areli means "Lion of God" in Hebrew, but I found one place that gave the Arely spelling as Spanish with a Hebrew root meaning "Light or vision of God"
Armani -- Persian "desired" or African "faith" ??
Aylin -- Hebrew "oak Tree" I've seen this several places
Brisa -- I had Spanish "beloved"
Brynn - I know the meaning for this, but is it etymologically related to names like Brianna and Bridget? -- it seems to be, but that doesn't always mean anything
Dasia and Deasia -- My best guess on these is elaboration of Asia and also the influence of the name Deja. A friend of mine with a granddaughter name D'Asia often commented on the name wavering from whether her daughter used it as a form of Deja vu or whether it was more like D'Angelo and D'Andre type names. One website or book however said it meant "From Dacia" but I didn't write down what that meant.
Itzel -- Several people have told me it's Mayan, but I can't find anythign out on it.
Jaliyah - I wish I knew! I guess it's a rhyming variant of Aaliyah, but that's only a guess.
Janiya -- French "gift of God" ??
Litzy - I hope someone answers you! This is one of the few names that I've found nothing at all, not even random guesses that seem close For some reason it sounds Spanish to me and I don't even know why I think that.
Nyasia -- I figured it was another play on Asia and D'Asia, but somewhere said Greek "girl"
Shreya -- Hindi (or Sanskrit probably) "Auspicious" at least that's what I heard somewhere

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