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Subject: Re: detailed history behind the name Darcie
Author: Andy   (guest)
Date: September 23, 2004 at 12:20:55 PM
Reply to: detailed history behind the name Darcie by Darcie Nickolas
Now this is what the Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames has got:

Darcey, Darcy, D'Arcy: Norman de Adreci, de Areci 1086; William "Daresci" 1166; Roger Arsi 1173-82; Thomas Darcy 1276. From Arcy (La Manche [= the Channel]). The Irish Darcy derives from JOhn D'Arcy (14th) but is also an anglicizing of Ó Dorchaidhe "descendant of the dark man".

The Oxford Dictionary of First Names adds:

It has always retained a somewhat aristocratic flavour, which has enhanced its popularity as a given name. It is the surname of the Hero of Jane Austen's novel "Pride and Prejudice" (1813).

Hope this helps at least a bit.

Andy ;—)

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