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Subject: Re: Thesis on name changes
Author: Andy   (guest)
Date: September 27, 2004 at 3:06:26 PM
Reply to: Thesis on name changes by Celia
I hope I get you right: you are talking about individuals who change their name at a certain time? Like from John to James?

In case you do: I have experienced one case of the kind (here in Germany). About then years ago here was a young man (I think he was 23) by the name Erdman. This translates "earth man" and it sounds just as horrible in German. You might think of dwarfs or creatures of the kind, or else of a miner - or both. In fact the name is a literal translation af Adam, but nobody realises that here. That man was suffering from his name, and so one day he decided to have it changed to Christian, which is as common in Germany as anywhere else in a western society. Plus it sounds a bit alike.
Everybody could feel with him and encouraged him to take this step, and he lived happily ever after …
But this isn't a fairy tale, but a true story and the name change indeed was an important change in the life of that young man.

I hope this may help.

Andy ;—)

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