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Subject: And now for something REALLY offensive...
Author: Daividh   (guest)
Date: December 18, 2000 at 2:33:12 PM
Reply to: Re: What are the altenative spellings of Condoleezza ? by Nanaea
My first reaction at the NormalBobSmith site was to chuckle at its cheekiness. But when I found out the bunny slippers would really stay on (as I imagine would the - shudder! - sports bra), I became increasingly offended. And I don't offend easily.

If someone had put up a "Where's Wahib?" picture (find the bespectacled and stripe-doo-ragged wounded Palestinian teenager among heaps of "normal" wounded Pal teenagers) or anything whimsical involving Jewish deathcamp inmates, there would have been indignation all over the Net. But put the crucified Jesus in a dogcatcher's outfit and it's funny? Sorry - well beyond my limits.

The "clonejesus" site, on the other hand, is a hoot. The premise is ludicrous: somewhere among the many holy relics purporting to be of Jesus are some with "authentic" DNA. So what are we gonna do? Clone 'em all, the Good, the bad, and the ugly? And are there really that many virgins left to implant?

Consider hundreds of juvenile JC types, real and wannabe. How do we recognize the real thing? Watch for a halo? Monitor their Wood Shop grades? Try to cajole them into turning water into Juicy Juice? Or just wait til they're 30?

And what if we clone the "real" Jesus two or three times from different relics? Worse, what do we do with the rejects? (We don't need more fake Saviors. We've already got Benny Hinn.) Maybe a live tableau of the last 10 minutes of "Spartacus"?

Is a puzzlement.

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