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Subject: Help with meanings
Author: RachelChristine   (Authenticated as RachelChristine)
Date: October 6, 2004 at 9:02:03 AM
Can anyone help me with the meanings of these names? Some of them I have an idea of, so I'll post that when I know. All are male (or possibly unisex).

Savion (poss Hebrew name of a plant)
Semaj (other than James backwards I have no clue)
Shamar/Shemar (???)
Soren (scandinavian or dutch of some sort)
Stephon (some form of Stephen I'm sure)
Syed (arabic??)

Tahj/Taj (???)
Tarik/Tyrek/Tyreke/Tyrique (related to Tariq?)
Tavian/Tavion (somewhere I heard Irish "hillside"?)
Tevin (I have it relating to Thomas from somewhere?)
Trae/Tre (just more versions of Trey I presume? English?)
Travon/Trevin/Trevion/Trevon/Treyvon (English? "fair town"? somehow relating to Trevor or Travis??)
Trever (just a form of Trevor?)
Treyton (related to Trey? something about a town?)
Tristian (related to Tristan? a play on Tristan/Christian?)
Troy (I know it's a Greek place name, but beyond that?)
Turner (probably some sort of occupational name, right?)
Tyquan (from somewhere I have this is relating to John)
Tyree (from somewhere I have Gaelic "land")
Tyreese/Tyrese (???)
Tyron (related to Tyrone?)
Tyshawn (contemporary created name from Shawn?)

Also, are these just the same as the English word, or is there mroe to them? Sincere, Stone, Talon

I hope that's not too many for one post! Any help would be appreciated

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