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Subject: the t-names
Author: Menke   (Authenticated as menke)
Date: October 6, 2004 at 9:59:03 AM
Reply to: Help with meanings by RachelChristine
Tahj/Taj: Hindu name meaning 'crown' (the Taj Mahal is a well-known palace)
Tarik/Tyrek/Tyreke/Tyrique: all spelling variations of Tariq

Tavian/Tavion: 3 possibilities:
1) Irish, from the word teeve , meaning 'hillside'
2) Latin, meaning 'eighth'
3) Scottish, meaning 'twin', like Tavio

Tevin: either African boy name or a variation of the Irish Tavion (thus meaning 'hillside'); one site also said it was a form of Kevin, but i don't take that seriously)

Trae/Tre: yes, i also think a form of Trey/Tray, meaning 'third born'
Travon/Trevin/Trevion/Trevon/Treyvon: either form of Trevor or abbreviation of Trevelyan, meaning 'fair town'
Trever: when English, it's a form of Trevor; when origin French, it's a variant on the Old French name Travis

Treyton: variants include Trayton, Traton, Tratton and Tritten (as surnames) and the meaning is 'town full of trees' (from a placename indeed)

Tristian: a variant of Tristan
Troy: either from the Greek/Turkish placename (the English form) or an Irish name meaning 'foot-soldier'
Turner: from the surname Turner (try

Tyquan: seems to me as a made-up name or else i don't know
Tyree: from a Gaelic word meaning 'island dweller' (also the name of an island for the coast of Scotland)
Tyreese/Tyrese: see the database for Tyrese
Tyron: yes, presumably a form of Tyrone
Tyshawn: apparently, Tyshan, Tyshaun, Tyshawn and Tysean are surnames, but probably a combination of Ty and various forms of Sean

Sincere: from the Latin word sincerus , meaning 'honest, true', but also 'not died (painted)', 'natural', 'pure', 'unmixed'.

Stone: you have to see it like this: the meaning of this name is more meant to be the characteristics of the object, what it symbolizes, in this case it could either mean 'steadiness', 'persistence' or 'strength, power'.

Talon: the French word talon means 'heel' (like Achilles' heel), the English word talon means 'claw'. I think it is an English name. I also saw a site translating the name as 'sharp'. This is a more non-literal translation of 'claw' (claws are sharp).

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