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Subject: Bode
Author: Elea   (Authenticated as Elea)
Date: February 18, 2007 at 3:19:51 AM
Reply to: Wenche, Bode and Chemmy by Caprice
This is what the "Dictionary of American Family Names" ed. Hanks, P. has for the surname Bode:

1.Dutch and German: occupational name for a messenger or representative, Dutch bode, Middle Low German bode. A bode was a medieval official with a variety of different functions.

2.German and Danish: from the North German personal name Bodo, a derivative of Old Saxon bodo ‘messenger’.

3.North German and Dutch: a topographic name from Middle Low German bode, bude ‘booth’, ‘small house’.

4.Danish: habitational name from a place named Bode.

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