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Subject: Re: Arsinoë
Author: Pavlos   (guest,
Date: February 20, 2007 at 5:52:12 AM
Reply to: Re: Arsinoë by Cleveland Kent Evans
According to LPGN ( there is evidence for variations of Arsinoe thoughout the Greek world:

*The Aegean Islands* : Cyprus, Cyrenaica: Arsine(F), Arsinoa(F), Arinoe(F), Arsinous (M)

*Attica* : Arinoe(F)

*The Peloponnese Western Greece, Sicily, Magna Graecia* : Arsinea(F), Arsinoa(F), Arinoe(F)

*Central Greece* : Arsinno(F), Arinoe(F), Arsinous(M)

*Macedonia* : The data is forcoming.

By the way, please note that all classical Macedonian names were Greek, as the Macedonia is a historical region of Greek-speaking Greek-cultured Greeks :) Of course, the region in southern Yugoslavia dubbed as "Macedonia" by the the late Joseph Tito (which is today known as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) has its own names and language, which are derived from Bulgarian with a Serbo-Croat influence, and should not be confused with classical Macedonia.

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