Subject: European way to pronounce, my opinion
Author: soleta   (Authenticated as soleta)
Date: February 25, 2007 at 4:02:06 AM
Reply to: How do you pronounce Lauren? by Grace0225

I would pronounce Lauren with an 'au', just like you pron. the 'ou' in 'house'.
Because to me, it just seems like a variation of the girls name Laura, pronounced like the Italian say: Lau-rah. No drawling 'aw', but a clear 'au'. In English, you say the letter 'A' like 'ey', but it's 'ah' in Italian, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. Majority rules! ;-)

This is just my opinion, I have never met a Lauren, but many Lauras, but they where all pronounced the European way.

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