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Subject: Pronunciation questions about two Welsh names.
Author: faerielights   (Authenticated as neverland4962)
Date: February 26, 2007 at 8:27:45 PM
First, the female name Siwan.
This was under comments on the name.
Pronounced "SHOO-awn". I think this name is beautiful! Joan isn't a very pretty name for me and Siwan and the Gaelic "Siobhán" really beautify this rather dull name.

Is it really pronounced like that, and is it therefore fairly similar to Siobhan? I know that Siobhan is pronounced differently, but they seem to both trace back to John.

The second is the male name Alun. I know that it is a variant of Alan, and I was wondering if it is pronounced the same way.

Thank you so much, any help is greatly appreciated!

Ioan Gruffudd in Amazing Grace

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