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Subject: Re: Pronunciation questions about two Welsh names.
Author: Elea   (Authenticated as Elea)
Date: February 27, 2007 at 3:47:05 AM
Reply to: Pronunciation questions about two Welsh names. by faerielights
Alun is pronounced pretty much the same as Alan. It's AL-in. The u makes the same sound that a 'y' in English would make. Imagine it spelt Alyn.

Siwan is pronounced See-oo-an according to (listen to the pronunciation).

However SHOO-an could also be possible because sometime si makes a 'sh' sound i.e. Sion, Sian. The w makes an 'oo' sound so it could be SH-OO-an.

The first pronunciation is from South Wales so perhaps their is a difference between North and South.

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