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Subject: sounds like it...
Author: reyanna   (Authenticated as reyanna)
Date: October 14, 2004 at 9:01:16 AM
Reply to: Re: Sean in the database (a question for Mike C?) by dave
Really my parents just made it up. My dad liked Rhiannon, but my mom did NOT want me named after that Fleetwood Mac song (though a good song!). My mom loved the name Rae, and she really liked Anna (pron. aw-na instead of ann-a) so they just comprimised with Reyanna (ray-AWN-uh). :) I say my name means "graceful sheep" or "graceful lamb", which is the meaning when you put Rae and Anna together.

There is a Turkish name: Reyhan, which means "sweet-smelling flower", and Reyanna is also a form of some Arabic word, but I don't remember. My friend from Saudi Arabia told me that.

But your friend's idea for a name looks like a form of Rhiannon, and you can follow the hyperlink for that one. :) Or it could be from the Greek rhaion, which means "more relaxed".

*reyanna joy*

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