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Subject: Re: Is Margaret a variation of Martha?
Author: Mary   (guest)
Date: August 6, 2001 at 6:29:53 PM
Reply to: Re: Is Margaret a variation of Martha? by Nanaea
Thank you Nanaea . I shall certainly follow your advice and purchase the recommended book. However, I think I should have used the term "nickname" instead of "variation". You see everyone in this family used nicknames - Nellie for Ellen ; Agnes for Johanna (these two have been confirmed) and it seems Martha , who recorded her name as such on official documents could have used the name Margaret when corresponding. So I dare say, what I should have asked was do you think Margaret could be a nickname for Martha . I am grabbing at straws trying to determine if both of these names could apply to the same woman. I guess though, that anyone could use any name as a nickname. Maybe I shall never get to solve this riddle. Thank you anyway for your time and interest.
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