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Subject: Re: My Name in Spanish
Author: About the "Spanish versions of Mary"   (guest)
Date: October 20, 2004 at 8:57:39 PM
Reply to: Re: My Name in Spanish by Chrisell
Maite and Mayte are indeed Spanish and Portuguese (I believe Portuguese, maybe in that part I'm worng) forms of the compound: Maria Teresa
Marianela is compound of Maria and Gianella and similiar Italian names, the "ll" becomes "l" in Spanish because in Spanish it's pronounced like a consonant "Y"
Maribel=Maria Isabel (Mary Elizabeth)
Maricela=Maria Ciel@ (Mary sky/heaven) affected by the name "Marcel"
Marisa=MAria Isabel
Marisela=Maria Isabel/Ciel@ (the proper word is "cielo" but as a fake adjective women might be called "ciela" in singular and "cielas" in plural)
Marisol=María Sol (Mary Sun)
Marita=Pequeña María (Little Mary; It's to "María" what "Johnny" is to "Johnathan")
Maritza=Maria Isabel

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