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Subject: Re: Several questions
Author: Phyllis   (guest,
Date: August 13, 2001 at 4:37:26 PM
Reply to: Several questions by Erin

I shall take your questions in order.

#1. I don't know off the top of my head what Kiery means, but it's pronounced Kee-ree. The fact that it has both *K* and *Y* makes me think that it was probably borrowed (Irish Gaelic doesn't have the letter *Y*, and I don't recall it having the letter *K*, since the letter *C* ALWAYS has the *k* sound unless it is slenderized. I'll have to ask my Irish professor/contact).

#2. I've heard it as Ahee-sling (cutting the long *E* sound short). The *sh* sound in Gaelic is used when the *S* is directly followed by either *E* or *I*.

#3. Moira is pronounced Moy-ruh.

You can get more information about Gaelic pronunciations though the yourdictionary.com link on the main board or through http://www.irishmilwaukee.com (the Conradh na Gaelige, Craobh Curtin page).

Phyllis (aka Sidhe Uaine or Gaia Euphoria)

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