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Subject: Re: Girls name or boys name
Author: ltbugaf   (guest,
Date: October 22, 2004 at 7:11:56 PM
Reply to: Girls name or boys name by Diesel
Like many first names, it comes from a last name. Llewellyn is a well established surname in Wales. One of Shakespeare's most famous characters had this name: He appears in Henry V and is called "Fluellen" because of the Welsh pronunciation. The double-l at the beginning is pronounced with a blowing of air around the tongue, somewhat similar to an "F" sound.

Since it's derived from a family name, you may consider it applicable to either sex, but it has been used more for boys than for girls. Of course, Ashley was mostly a man's name until recently, and has become almost entirely female now. Taylor and Logan, both traditional male names, are being used for more and more girls.

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