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Subject: Re: Naming of my twins
Author: 11-Digit Boy   (guest)
Date: August 22, 2001 at 1:32:56 AM
Reply to: Naming of my twins by Nicole Andres
The counter is up to "te i gu". I just needed random letters!!

If I take the "Re" from Renee and use the "i" from the counter, then I can slap a "ko" on the end for "Reiko". Or keeping the "rei" sound, I could make "Layla".
If I take the "ro" from Roger and put it behind the "gu" from the counter, I get "guro..." Sounds like "Gloria".

So there you have it... Reiko and Gloria (or Layla and Gloria).

For male names:
I will use the "ro" of Roger and the "i" from the counter-- you figure it out.
For the second name... the "gu" soesn't seem to be doing any good, so let me use the counter's "te". "Te" with "re"... Terrence?

Male names: Roy and Terrence.

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