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Subject: Re: U rather go 2 BEHIND D SURNAME MSSG BRD
Author: Gianfranco E. Tubino Bryce   (guest,
Date: October 27, 2004 at 2:13:11 PM
Reply to: ponder this by jennifer mack
To add to my title or "subject" I should say it looks, blind guess, like "pounder" to me which is one of the possible meanings of a Spanish surname, fact which makes me point that there was a time when people translated their surnames from one language to another when they could and had traveled (and settled) from a point A where language B is spoken to a point C where language D is spoken... Anyway, besides that explanation, many surnames have the same meaning with different sources, after all, we are all human and anywhere in Europe a name or a surname meaning "happy" would be as popular as in Asia, I mean, if this dictionaries (behind the name, behind the surname, last names dictionary, etc.) where "meaning first" and "surname/name afterwards" the entries would be cutted to less than a thousandth but each entry would have more than a thousand equivalencies (supposing we had a great dictionary which included every name and surname given to man, beast place or such by a human and still known of today)... After all we humans are basically the same in means and goals... Aske there, if it's not akin to "pounder" it might be indeed just like the identical English word "ponder"... anyaway, ask where I told ya, bye.

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