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Subject: Talking besides my back? Well, at least to my reckoning I've not been offended so...
Author: Gianfranco E. Tubino Bryce   (guest)
Date: October 27, 2004 at 8:54:29 PM
Reply to: She wasn't talking to you (m) by Chrisell
I said that if the surname "Ponder" was akin to "pounder" and not to the act of thinking "ponder" (yep, in Spanish "ponderar", "calcular", "reflexionar") it would mean the same as, according to one interpretation, a Spanish surname means, that is "machuca" a surname which, I think, is never seen in itself but seen following the surname "Vargas" which means "hill" ("loma") in a language different from, but akin to, Spanish... Here I understand "pounder" like akin to the verb "to pound" that is "to hit fiercely/with great force onto the ground or, by extension, upon any surface" pretty akin to the sense of "machuca" in the surname "Vargas Machuca" which derives itself either from the word "macho" (akin to "masculine", both in meaning and etymology) or from a word akin to "mace" designating (right word?) a kind of mace-like hammer used by smiths of "ancient" Spain derivating later on into a Spanish word akin to the English "pound" but more similiar in meaning to the word "squeeze"... The story goes that the first Vargas Machuca was just called Vargas (beside his personal name) but his page yelled in awe at his fighting 'cause having lost his weapon he improvised and started punding down the moors with an improper medium (which it was, I cannot precise from what I've read), anyway he said "machuca" either as saying "go on, pound more" or as saying "that's a real man working, go on", he used it like an interjection but it's meaning might practically be understood as "pound" and maybe the "Ponder" surname has a similiar history... I hope no one protests about my posting now... Bye, fare well and farewell people...

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