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Subject: Re: Does this names mean witch?
Author: Gianfranco E. Tubino Bryce   (guest,
Date: October 29, 2004 at 2:47:53 PM
Reply to: Re: Does this names mean witch? by Anneza
"A witch's name is not the same as a name with the meaning: witch." I agree with you, but what I meant was that many people and non-trusty sites make the mistake and from their point of view you could understand it in that way, furthermore, many modern words and/or names have earned their current meaning in this way, I mean out of this mistake their original name has been twisted, to the point that it's one of the figures of speech or, I'm in a mistake by this latter declaration, it's not a figure of speech but very much alike to one, for example "casanova" actually means "new house" but due to certain character (I'm not sure whether fictional, historical or what) it has come to mean "womanizer" 'cause it was used by one...
"As for a name that means: witch, I can't for the life of me imagine why anyone who believed in witchcraft would use one for a child" There are names which meanings pretty much akin to witch, some akin to faires and goddesses, even to demons, I can't hink of any right now but if a whol family believes in witchery and respects it as something special they might call their son or daughter "witch" as to mean they want him to be one, understanding "witch" in the sense of "wiz" ("wise" and "wizard" are etymologically linked) or "mage" (etymologically linked to another "positive" adjective)... Would someone call his/her child "warrior" were he/she not a warrior, probably, for it's something seen as positive, likewise he/she will call him so even if he were already one; why can`t "witch" be thought of as positive? just because it's not mainstream? Furthermore, names began not with children but with grown people, people who had already some form of living, a place to life and a way of being got the first real names and from these names came modern names and more often than not parents named (and still do) their child not knowing the meaning of the name just choosing it due to pronunciation aesthetics, respect for someone else or heritage... Someone could have been called "witch" either in a pejorative way or as a compliment, probably a tribe's shaman or a religious hermit, this would have sprung into a name essentially meaning "witch" which could itself be appealing to people due to it's meaning or, most probably, any of the reasons above stated... of course the point is that the name in question does not directly means "witch" that would be just "folk etymology". (I'm myself an agnostic so I deem witchcraft as nonsense yet I respect those who believe in it in the same way I respect Christians and it's my opinion that likewise Christians must respect wiccans and those who do believe and practice witchcraft and consider it sacred; furthermore I find these people given in a better way to their believe which is itself more nature-oriented and more humanistic, and whether they did or not human sacrifices that is very much debatable and polemic, what matters is that if they once did now they do no longer do so only in as much exceptions as there are exceptions in christianity, I mean, there are as much christian and monotheists cults which believe in assasination and human sacrifice as wiccans, pseudo-wiccans and satanists, and probably even more)... From this point onward the post begins to correspond to somewhere else in the forum... Doesn't it? or furthermore... to a different type of forum? Well, I wont say more on the theme 'cause it's already going onto the branches... I just wanted to state this... Bye everyone and good luck.

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