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Subject: I dunno, but I just found out that Mikey C. was on tee-vee!
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: August 31, 2001 at 6:11:38 AM
Reply to: So, when will cranky davidh dot com be up 'n' runnin? n/t by Pavlos
Well... sort of... :)

Remember that PBS documentary we were discussing about a month back? "The Sweetest Sound" -- about New York filmmaker Alan Berliner's quest to find out more about his name, and consequently about names and naming customs in general?

Well, last night Mike watched the tape of it that I'd sent him. Mike says that in the film there's a brief shot of his old web page where Alan Berliner is doing a 'net search on his name! Mike says, "It was a close-up of my definition of the name Alan (on a white background). Neato!"

Cool! Hey, Mike? I'm thinking of dropping Alan Berliner a line, and inviting him to make a "guest appearance" on BtN? What do you think? Oooo, Pavlos and I will have to be on our best behavior, if Alan agrees to visit. ;)

-- Nanaea

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