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Subject: Mister Magoo's day at or a hopeless case story
Author: Selwyn   (guest)
Date: September 13, 2001 at 1:03:38 PM
Reply to: PEOPLE WHO POST HERE: FIRST CHECK FOR YOUR NAME ON THE MAIN PAGE! -- the "Search" box. (Instructions included for those who can follow instructions) n/t by Nanaea
Mister Magoo's day at or A hopeless case story:
Act 1 scene 1

*Mister Magoo enters the site*
I sure wonder what Waldo 's name means.
Alas the letters are so small but I will give it a try.

search for names
search in meanings
search in description

Oh dear, his name is Waldo name is not "names", "meanings" or "description" and I who thought this site held many names, yet it holds only three!

*reads on*

Advanced search

Ah yes that must be the one. While the simple search only holds three names the advanced search must hold more.
*pushes the advanced search link*
Hmm... it looks exactly the same to me except for some odd noselike signs drawn infront of the three seachable names. Odd...

*reads on*

Find names in any gender

nahhh Waldo is a boy and not any gender so that cannot be it.

*reads on*

"or" search
"and" search

? Waldo and or? nahhh

*reads on*

Suppress duplicates and headings

Opppress! oppress! never in my life! That I am certainly not going to push.

*reads on*

Ahh of course! silly me! it has been there all the time.
Had I just pushed that large grey button named "Search" a long time ago he he.

*pushes the search button*

Search text:
No matches.

Eh? what is the mater with this thing?
It is broken that is what it is.
Oh my little eye does spy a messageboard link.

*clicks the messeage board link*

Ahh yes. Let us see now.

*posts on the message board*

"This is surely the worst name site I have ever visited and you people call yourself Big Kahunas! You could at least call yourself Small Kahunas. And by the way tell me what Waldo means or I will, but taunt you a second time.

Mister Magoo

A little information on mister magoo:

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