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Subject: Re: Jessamine's Free Choice Congrats {Round Douăsprezece - 12}
Author: Alethea   (Authenticated as NamesAreAwesome)
Date: April 24, 2012 at 9:02:06 PM
Reply to: Jessamine's Free Choice Congrats {Round Douăsprezece - 12} by Jessamine
Roommate1: Jonathan "J.T." Thomas Riggins
Roommate7: Jessica "J.B." Bernice Bobbins
Roommate8: Eight Beth Muggins
Roommate9: Stephanie Denise Donnigan
-DD: Benedicta "Benny" Janice Rennan-Walgrath [J.T. and Rocky's]
-DS: Skywalker James Rennan-Walgrath [Luke and Rocky's]
-DS: Ronan "Ronny" Jonathan Rennan-Walgrath [J.T. and Hankie's]
-DD: Venice Rome Renna-Walgrath [Luke and Hankie's]
-DD/DD/DD: Trista Joy Riggins-March / Christa May Riggins-March / Misty Grace Riggins-March [J.T. and Vixon's]
-DS/DS/DS/DS: Isaac James Rennan-Walgrath / Israel Jude Rennan-Walgrath / Ishmael John Rennan-Walgrath / Isaiah Jack Rennan-Walgrath [Luke and Rocky's]
-DS: Dixon Hugo Mariggins
-DS; Marius Valerian Molwalker
-DD: Jenna Molly Brenigan
-DS: Brendan James Thurman [Rocky and Unknown;s]
-DD: Nine Anne Miuggins
-DS: Justin "J.B." Benjamin Biggins
-DD/DS: Steven Denis Donnigins / Jonna Tomasa Donnigins

Roommate2: Roxanna "Rocky" Jamie [Brennan] Kendrick
-DH: Nicholas "Nick" Jonathan Michael Kendrick
--DS: Diggory "Dig" James Brendon Kendrick
--DS: Grigory "Grig" Jonathan Thomas Kendrick
--DD: Michaela "Mick" Skyla Antonia Kendrick
--DS: Jiggory "Jig" David Isaac Kendrick
--DD/DD: Nichaela "Nix" Henriette Vivienne Kendrick / Richaela "Rick" Diana Victory Kendrick
--DS/DD: Fliggory "Flig" Dennis William Kendrick / Jichaela "Jix" Bethany Audra Kendrick

Roommate3: Lucas "Luke (Skywalker)" Skyler Anthony Walker
-DW: Jenna Louise [Carr] Walker
--DS: Luke Sky Walker
--DS: James Carr Walker
--DD: Anna Star Walker
--DD: Tessa Marr Walker
--DS: David Czar Walker

Roommate4: Henrietta "Hankie" Vivian [Molgrath] Storetti
-DH: Derek "D.J." James Storetti
--DD: Penelope "P.J." Janice Storetti
--DD: Catherine "C.J." Jamaica Storetti
--DS: Jacob "J.J." Joshua Storetti

Roommate5: Victoria "Vixon" Diane [March] Pox
-DH: Carlo Theodore Pox
--DD/DD: Carla Victory Pox / Theodora Deanne Pox

Roommate6: Isaac David Thurman
-DW: Donna Michelle [Rogue] Thurman
--DS: Michael David Rogue Thurman

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