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Subject: Jessamine's NTNB {Round Isa - 1}
Author: Jessamine   (Authenticated as JesikaJayne)
Date: June 1, 2012 at 4:36:54 PM
The Lehmann Family

DH: {26} Henrik Raphael Lehmann
DW: {25} Nancy Zhengan {Liu} Lehmann

DD/DD: {exp}

Henrik and Nancy Lehmann are expecting identical twin girls. They want their first names to begin with the same letter, German, and easily pronounced in English. Their middle names should be Chinese. (In the same format at Nancy's, with two names formed together.)


The Lindholm-Antall Family

DW: {30} Pearl Josephine Lindholm-Antall
DW: {28} Audrey Frances Lindholm-Antall

ADS: {4}

Pearl and Audrey Lindholm-Antall have adopted a four year old boy from Dallas, Texas. His first and middle name come from this list:


The Nishimura Family

DH: {27} Ryo Nishimura
DW: {27} Sayuri {Koizumi} Nishimura

DS: {1}

Ryo and Sayuri Nishimura have a one year old son. His first name is Japanese and he does not have a middle name.


The Platt Family

DH: {33} Aaron Gregory Platt
DW: {30} Kristen Rebecca {Underhill} Platt

DD: {3}
DD: {nb}

Aaron and Kristen Platt have a three year old daughter and a newborn daughter. Both of their first names begin with J. The three year old's middle name comes from this list: The newborn's middle name comes from this list:


The Forney Family

DH: {24} Samuel Rhys Forney
DW: {22} Célia Teodora {Cabral} Forney

DS: {exp}

Samuel and Célia Forney are expecting a son. His first name is Portuguese and his middle name should be popular in England.

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