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Subject: One Family NTNB Round X
Author: Loki   (Authenticated as SamJr7)
Date: September 12, 2012 at 4:39:15 PM
Feel free to add nicknames even when it isn't asked for. If I don't like the nickname I will still consider the name and I'll just drop the nickname. If I do like the name and nickname, I'll keep it. I know a lot of you like nicknames, so by all means, use them.

The Morgan Family

DH: Reece Aneirin Morgan (Ninor)
DW: Kseniya Grigorevna (Markovic) Morgan (Weirwood)

DD: Emerson Carys Natalya Hermione (Morgan) Langlois (jessica_p) {Kendall & Harper's Triplet}
-DH: Harrison Beck Langlois (Weirwood)
--DS: Benson Carrick Langlois (NurseMom75)
--DD/DD/DD: Carson Sophia Langlois (Serel Channah) / Jamison Saoirse Langlois (LadyJenna) / Ellison Rose Langlois (miakendall1075)
--DS: Greyson Merritt Langlois (jessica_p)
--DS/DS: Jenson Wendell Langlois (Jessamine) / Anderson Leonard Langlois (jessica_p)
DD: Kendall Rhosyn Nadezhda Fantine (Morgan) Langlois (Jessamine) {Harper & Emerson's Triplet}
-DH: Sherlock Rhys Langlois (Serel Channah)
--DS: Tesseney Zebediah Langlois (Zaïre Ann)
--DS: Egypt Ambrose Langlois (AhaRememo)
--DD: Kerala Sabine Langlois (Weirwood)
--DS: Syria Lisbeth Langlois (jessica_p)
DD: Harper Alis Galina Jane (Morgan) Langlois (NurseMom75) {Emerson & Kendall's Triplet}
-DH: Lysander Cade Langlois (LadyJenna)
--DD/DD: Cricket Gossamer Langlois (NurseMom75) / Acacia Circe Langlois (Jessamine)
--DD/DS: Juniper Bliss Langlois (miakendall1075) / Sorrell Bane Langlois (LadyJenna)
--DS/DS: North Alabaster Langlois (NurseMom75) / Timber Savant Langlois (jessica_p)
DS: Leslie Macsen Taras Steinbeck Morgan (Weirwood)
-DW: Kadri Maret (Sisask) Morgan (NurseMom75)
--DD: Lillian Kaja Morgan (jessica_p)
--DS: Edward Andrus Morgan (Weirwood)
--DD/DD: Hazel Maarika Morgan (Weirwood) / Mabel Kadri Morgan (Serel Channah)
--DD: Stella Laine Morgan(Weirwood)
--DS/DS: Alfred Tonis Morgan (NurseMom75) / Leo Alvar Morgan (Weirwood)
DS: Logan Pryce Lazar Darcy Morgan (ValerieK)
-DW: "Teddy" Theodora Jane (Scarlet) Morgan (SugarPlumFairy)
--DD: "Eli" Eliza Mavis Morgan (NurseMom75)
--DD: "Ian" Vivian Tanis Morgan (Weirwood)
--DS: "Bram" Abraham Comfort Morgan (Serel Channah)
DD: Bennett Eira Valentina Cordelia (Morgan) Rodriguez (SugarPlumFairy)
-DH: Eliseo Jose Rodriguez (Serel Channah)
--DD: Rosario Jane Marcela Trisana Rodriguez (AhaRememo)
DS: Linden Rhys Nikolai Sebastian Morgan (SugarPlumFairy)
-DW: Anneliese Victoria (Leford) Morgan (Jessamine)
--DD/DS: "Hattie" Haddassah Juliet (Zaïre Ann) / "Sy" Silas Romeo Morgan (Zaïre Ann)
ADS: Lane Emrys Vitaly Frost Morgan (Weirwood) {Loren's Twin}
-DW: Gemma Kerensa (Young) Morgan (Serel Channah)
--DS: Reilly Ward Morgan (NurseMom75)
ADS: Loren Owain Maksim Cash Morgan (ValerieK) {Lane's Twin}
-DW: Rosalba Lorena Evangelista-Morgan (AhaRememo)
--DD: Avila Elisiana Evangelista-Morgan (Ninor)

Benson has tied the knot. His DW's FN, MN and LN all begin with the same letter.

Tesseney has jumped the broom. His DW's FN, MN and LN are Hebrew.

Bennett and Eliseo want their DS's FN to be a Spanish name that is easy for English speakers to pronounce, one of his MNs is from a book by Bennett's favorite author Tamora Pierce, another MN is from a well known detective from a book or tv series because Eliseo is a big mystery buff and the another MN is a character from a Telenovela. The MNs can be in whatever order you choose.

Linden and Anneliese want their DS's FN to begin and end with the same letter and his MN is a character from Shakespeare.

Lane and Gemma their DD's FN to be to be a less common spelling of a common/popular name, but not a creative spelling (Example: Riley-Reilly). Her MN starts OR ends with W.

Loren and Rosalba want their twins FNs to be Ancient and their MNs to be combined names of Loren's siblings, making a new name. His sibling names are Emerson, Kendall, Harper, Leslie, Logan, Bennett, Linden and Lane. Just combine two names together and don't repeat a name, please. Also please tell me which names are being used.

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