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Subject: Re: CAF
Author: Wandering Moon   (Authenticated as Lillian Abigail)
Date: September 18, 2012 at 12:56:17 PM
Reply to: CAF by LM
DH - Timothy Hart DeWitt (59)
DW - Deborah Nadine [Tucker] DeWitt (55)

DD1 - Zoe Esther [DeWitt] Gerstein (31)
-DH - Andrew Frederick Gerstein (33)
-DD - Amelia Mallory (8)
-DS - Peter William (6)
-DD/DS - Cecelia Marisa & Tobias Daniel (3)

DD2 - Addison Dawn [DeWitt] Bentley (29)
-DH - Eric Christopher Bentley (32)
-DD - Eve Suzanne (4)

DS1 - George Wesley DeWitt (28)
-DW - Emmeline Michelle [Williams] DeWitt (26)
-DS - Travis Cole (5)
-DD - Kelly Stephanie (2)
-DD - Corinna Jessica (1)

DD3 - Magnolia Rose [DeWitt] Matheson (23)
-DH - David Robert Matheson (28)
-DS - Isaac Joshua (1)

Tim and Debbie DeWitt - Zoe, Addison, George, and Magnolia DeWitt.
-Zoe and Andrew Gerstein - Amy, Pete, and Cece & Toby Gerstein.
-Addison and Eric Bentley - Eve Bentley.
-George and Emmeline DeWitt - Travis, Kelly, and Corinna DeWitt.
-Magnolia and David Matheson - Isaac Matheson.


I love one man, and you know it; I love him while awake; while sleeping; living; dead; love him. And if I can’t have him then God doesn’t exist, Reverend Sigurður; and you, the archpriest, don’t exist, nor does the bishop, nor my father, nor Jesus Christ; nothing—except for evil.

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