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Subject: Weirwood's NTNB (Round Fifteen)
Author: Weirwood   (Authenticated as Weirwood)
Date: September 19, 2012 at 11:11:56 PM
LN: Wellesley-Qureshi (Camilla & Jessamine)

DH: Connor Wentworth Wellesley-Trelawny (Loki)
DW: Soraya Madeleine Qureshi-Audley (Jessamine)

DS: Jack Dover Sayid Wellesley-Qureshi (Loki)
-DW: Chloé-Jeanette Aline Legrand-Roche "CJ" (jessica_p)
--DS: Alexander Étienne Wellesley-Roche (Camilla)
---DGF: Adelaide-Marie Rae Beaulieu (Loki)
--DS: Vaughan Léandre Wellesley-Roche (jessica_p)
--DD: Theresa Romane Wellesley-Roche "Tess" (jessica_p)
--DD: Unity Laurence Wellesley-Roche (AhaRememo)

DD: Megan Viola Rasima (Wellesley-Qureshi) Chlebek (jessica_p)
-DH: Andy River Chlebek (AhaRememo)
--DS: Raven Wesley Chlebek (jessica_p)
---DW: Florence Jessica (Garcia) Chlebek (AhaRememo)
----DD: Sympathy Amaryllis Chlebek (AhaRememo)
--DS: Maverick Quentin Chlebek (Jessamine, NurseMom75 & Loki)
---DGF: Beatrice Sophronia Fitzgerald "Tris" (Loki)
--DS: Dodger Roland Chlebek (NurseMom75)
--DS: Blue Tennyson Chlebek (Camilla)
--DD: Mina Patrycja Chlebek (AhaRememo)

DD: Margo Windermere Thana (Wellesley-Qureshi) de la Cruz (ValerieK)
-DH: Santiago Moreno de la Cruz "Sandy" (Camilla)
--DD: Naomi Rosalina (de la Cruz) van Schoorel (jessica_p)
---DH: Hartmann Chase van Schoorel (AhaRememo)
--DS: Javier Sebastian de la Cruz (jessica_p)
--DS: Oscar Sorley de la Cruz (Camilla)

DS: Ezra Locke Rasul Wellesley-Qureshi (Jessamine)
-DBF: Kit Jayson Matisse (AhaRememo)
--ADD: Greer Alyson Matisse (jessica_p)
---DGF: Mercy Lorelei Beringer (jessica_p)
--ADS: Nash Ayden Matisse (Loki)

DS: Thomas Indigo Qadir Wellesley-Qureshi (Camilla)
-DW: Hyacinth Korina Churchill (Loki)
--DD: Miriel Suraya Wellesley-Churchill (Camilla)
--DS: Phineas Iskandar Wellesley-Churchill (ursa)
--DD/DS: Brienne Calico Wellesley-Churchill (jessica_p) / Doran Tamarack Wellesley-Churchill (jessica_p)
--DD: Primrose Demetria Wellesley-Churchill (ValerieK)

ADD: Aliya Lily Jerash Wellesley-Qureshi {Amman, Jordan} (Loki)
-DH: Jay Mason Tamboli-Blythe (miakendall1075)
--DD: Beatrix Arundhati Noor Tamboli-Qureshi (Camilla)
--DD: Rosa Kerala Russiefa Tamboli-Qureshi (Camilla)
--DS: Alec Fayez Adrish Tamboli-Qureshi (ValerieK)
--DS: Nico Rakesh Nasir Tamboli-Qureshi (Loki)

DS: Page Levi Amjad Wellesley-Qureshi (NurseMom75) (Rowan's twin)
-DW: Marlowe Ruiha Claes (Jessamine)
--DD: Kiri Catlin Claes-Wellesley (miakendall1075)
---DBF: River Layne Thompson (ValerieK)
--DS: Raglan Matteo Claes-Wellesley (Loki)
--DS: Aubrey Rahiri Claes-Wellesley (Loki)

DD: Rowan Dove Rania (Wellesley-Qureshi) Favreau (NurseMom75) (Page's twin)
-DH: Dante Ulysses Favreau (jessica_p)
--DS: Rabano Free Favreau (Camilla) (Nuria's twin)
--DD: Nuria Gypsy Favreau (Loki) (Rabano's twin)
--DD: Amelia Snow Favreau (miakendall1075)
--DS/DD/DS: Quinn Durand Favreau (ValerieK)/Damiana Ismay Favreau (jessica_p)/Nicholas Rayner Favreau (miakendall1075)

Raven and Florence have had three more children. Their first names are from any songs you like (let me know what songs/artists) and their middle names are from these lists, respectively:,,

Naomi and Hartmann have a daughter. Her FN is an adjective from the dictionary, her MN1 is German and her MN2 is Spanish.

Rabano's girlfriend's FN and MN are from this list: Her last name is Dutch.

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