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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: Serel Channah   (Authenticated as floppery)
Date: September 21, 2012 at 2:38:10 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010
H: [81] Reid Graham Evans
exW: [82] Elise Claudia White

S1: [62] Jasper Sinclair Evans

The Evans Family
Reid and Elise

W: [69] Felicity Caroline [Hughes] Evans

D1: [51] Tamsin Johanna Evans
S2: [42] Dexter Ellis Evans
S3: [41] Leo Alistair Evans
D2: [38] Lila Carolyn Evans
D3: [37] Claire Abigail Evans
D4: [30] Verity Ivy Evans
S4: [29] Simon Gerard Evans

The Evans Family
Reid and Felicity
Tamsin, Dexter, Leo, Lila, Claire, Verity and Simon

S1: [62] Jasper Sinclair Evans
W: [59] Molly Geraldine [Ward] Evans

The Evans Family
Jasper and Molly
Felix, Patrick, Danna and Ian

S: [40] Felix Gabriel Evans
-exW: [40] Lillian Sabrina Baker
-S: [24] Curtis Matthew Evans

The Evans Family
Felix and Lillie

-W: [34] Gemma Victoria [Bennett] Evans
-S: [10] Ezra Garrison Evans
-S: [9] David Julian Evans
-S: [6] Quentin Phineas Evans
-D: [2] Clara Genevieve Evans
-D: [exp] Alice Katherine Evans

The Evans Family
Felix and Gemma
Ezra, David, Quentin, Clara and Alice

S: [36] Patrick Crispin Evans
-W: [35] Olive Thomasina [Bailey] Evans
-S: [exp] Asher Maxwell Evans

The Evans Family
Patrick and Olive

D: [27] Danna Alberta [Evans] Murphy
-H: [28] Gareth Hart Murphy
-S: [2] Peter Wyatt Murphy
-D: [exp] Sadie Naomi Murphy

The Murphy Family
Danna and Gareth
Peter and Sadie

S: [21] Ian Connor Evans

D1: [51] Tamsin Johanna [Evans] Knight
exH: [61] Milo Theodore Adams

The Adams Family
Tamsin and Milo
Seth and Eamon

S: [30] Seth Pervis Adams
-W: [31] Emmy Delilah [Webb] Adams
-S: [8] Aaron Nolan Adams
-S/S: [5] Rupert Brice Adams / Leonard Dwight Adams
-D: [3] Kate Evangeline Adams
-D: [exp] Adele Patrience Adams

The Adams Family
Seth and Emmy
Aaron, Rupert, Lenny, Kate and Adele

S: [28] Eamon Abraham Adams

exH: [57] Wolf Bennett Holmes

S: [21] Arthur Blake Holmes
S: [18] Sawyer Reuben Holmes
D: [15] Rosie Margaret Holmes

The Holmes Family
Tamsin and Wolf
Arthur, Sawyer and Rosie

H: [54] Theo Morris Knight

S: [11] Silas Ezekiel Knight

The Knight Family
Tamsin and Theo

S2: [42] Dexter Ellis Evans
W: [42] Adelaide Bette [Jenkins] Evans

S: [11] Jefferson Vincent Evans
D: [7] Nanette Audra Evans
S: [5] Harris Percival Evans

The Evans Family
Dexter and Ada
Jeff, Nanette and Harris

S3: [41] Leo Alistair Evans
W: [39] Pearl Nicola [Langley] Evans

S: [18] Beau Atticus Evans
S: [17] Russell Giles Evans
D: [15] Cora Winifred Evans
D: [14] Jenny Laurel Evans
D: [10] Daisy Georgina Evans

The Evans Family
Leo and Pearl
Beau, Russ, Cora, Jenny and Daisy

D2: [38] Lila Carolyn [Evans] Forbes
H: [49] Camden Gideon Forbes

S: [22] Archibald Axel Forbes
D: [18] Jessamine Lark Forbes

The Forbes Family
Lila and Cam
Archie and Jessamine

D3: [37] Claire Abigail [Evans] Valencia
H: [39] Philip Lawson Valencia

S/S: [18] Flynn Timothy Valencia / Gale Kenneth Valencia

The Valencia Family
Claire and Phil
Flynn and Gale

D4: [30] Verity Ivy [Evans] Sosa
H: [32] Drake Beckett Sosa

S: [5] Calvin Edgar Sosa
S: [3] Neville Thane Sosa
S: [1] Dallas Luca Sosa

The Sosa Family
Verity and Drake
Calvin, Neville and Dallas

S4: [29] Simon Gerard Evans
W: [24] Phoebe April [England] Evans

D: [3] Carla Faith Evans
S: [1] Norman Kendall Evans
S: [exp] Edmund Matthias Evans

The Evans Family
Simon and Phoebe
Carla, Norman and Edmund

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