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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: CosimaCH   (guest,
Date: September 21, 2012 at 5:12:23 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010
H: Oliver James Davies [81]
exW: Lucy Claudia Roberts [82]

S1: Henry Charles Davies [62]

W: Juliet Antonia Hughes Davies [69]

D1: Rose Tamsin Davies [51]
S2: Owen William Davies [42]
S3: Leo Samuel Davies [41]
D2: June Lila Davies [38]
D3: Eleanor Abigail Davies [37]
D4: Sophie Joanna Davies [30]
S4: Ethan Simon Davies [29]

Oliver & Lucy; Henry.
Oliver & Juliet; Rose, Owen, Leo, June, Eleanor, Sophie, and Ethan.

S1: Henry Charles Davies [62]
W: Mercy Nora Hill Davies [59]

S: Miles Felix Davies [40]
-exW: Ruby Anne Moore Davies [40]
-S: John Bram Davies [24]
--W: Clare Joy Watson Davies [34]
-S: Ezra Robert Davies [10]
-S: Adrian Luke Davies [9]
-S: Quentin Adam Davies [6]
-D: Genevieve Louise Davies [2]
-D: Lydia Alice Davies [exp]

Miles & Ruby; John, Ezra, Adrian, Quentin, Genevieve, and Lydia.
John & Clare.

S: Gavin Raymond Davies [36]
-W: Lilian Rachel Cook Davies [35]
-S: Asher Nicholas Davies [exp]

Gavin & Lilian (Lily); Asher.

D: Rebecca Alberta Davies Richards [27]
-H: Sebastian Quinn Richards [28]
-S: Peter Jonah Richards [2]
-D: Jane Elodie Richards [exp]

Rebecca & Sebastian; Peter and Jane.

S: Connor Ian Davies [21]

Henry & Mercy; Miles, Gavin, Rebecca, and Connor.

D1: Rose Tamsin Davies Ellis Hunt Knight [51]
exH: Milo Theodore Ellis [61]

S: George Montgomery Ellis [30]
-W: Eva Prudence Rogers Ellis [31]
-S/S: Rupert Lawrence Ellis & Dominic Edward Ellis [5]
-D: Charlotte Natalie Ellis [3]
-D: Adele Patience Ellis [exp]

S: Abraham Eamon Ellis [28]

Rose & Milo; George and Abraham (Bram).
George & Eva; Rupert, Dominic, Charlotte, and Adele.

exH: Bennett Eric Hunt [57]

S: Christian Arthur Hunt [21]
S: Sam Reuben Hunt [18]
D: Mary Margaret Hunt [15]

Rose & Bennett (Ben); Christian, Sam, and Mary.

H: Paul Morris Knight [54]

S: Elliot Silas Knight [11]

Rose & Paul; Elliot.

S2: Owen William Davies Whitley [42]
W: Adelaide Noel Whitley [42]

S: Vincent Terrence Whitley [11]
D: Fiona Eliza Whitley [7]
S: Roman Jeremy Whitley [5]

Owen & Adelaide; Vincent, Fiona (Fi), and Roman.

S3: Leo Samuel Davies [41]
W: Vivian Pearl Buckner Davies [39]

S: Gilbert Kevin Davies [18]
S: Karl Holden Davies [17]
D: Alexandra Catherine Davies [15]
D: Matilda Zoe Davies [14]
D: Rosemary Gillian Davies [10]

Leo & Vivian; Gilbert, Karl, Alexandra (Shura), Matilda (Tilda), and Rosemary (Romy).

D2: June Lila Davies [38]
H: Gideon Alan Forbes [49]

S: Archer Dennison Forbes [22]
D: Jessamine Laura Isobel Forbes [18]

June & Gideon; Archer and Jessamine.

D3: Eleanor Abigail Davies [37]
H: Philip Tristram O'Neil [39]

S/S: Cary Timothy O'Neil & Tristan Donovan O'Neil [18]

Eleanor (Nell) & Philip; Cary and Tristan.

D4: Sophie Joanna Davies [30]
H: August Beckett Sosa [32]

S: Calvin Tate Sosa [5]
S: Kai Tucker Sosa [3]
S: Luca Merrill Sosa [1]

Sophie & August (Gus); Calvin (Cal), Kai, and Luca.

S4: Ethan Simon Davies [29]
W: Ada Henrietta McLeod Davies [24]

D: Cathleen Isla Davies [3]
S: Edmund Judah Davies [exp]

Ethan & Ada; Cathleen (Ceenie) and Edmund (Ned).

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