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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: elevator   (Authenticated as elevator)
Date: September 21, 2012 at 7:55:04 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010
H: [81] James Sterling Davies
exW: [82] Lucy Elise (Wright) Davies

S1: [62] Henry Jasper Davies

W: [69] Juliet Caroline (Clarke) Davies

D1: [51] Rose Tamsin Davies
S2: [42] Ellis William Davies
S3: [41] Leo Alistair Davies
D2: [38] Emma Violet Davies
D3: [37] Claire Eleanor Davies
D4: [30] Ivy Amabel Davies
S4: [29] Simon Alexander Davies

S1: [62] Henry Jasper Davies
W: [59] Sarah Evelyn (Martin) Davies

S: [40] Isaac Gabriel Davies
-exW: [40] Emily Adeline (King) Davies
-S: [24] Matthew Gray Davies
-W: [34] Victoria Clare (Phillips) Davies
-S: [10] Lucas Robert Davies
-S: [9] Adrian Dean Davies
-S: [6] Evan Garrick Davies
-D: [2] Chloe May Davies
-D: [exp] Lydia Madeline Davies

S: [36] Gavin Raymond Davies
-W: [35] Lilian Thomasina (Carter) Davies
-S: [exp] Nicholas Everett Davies

D: [27] Rebecca Valerie (Davies) Bell
-H: [28] Myles Jonathan Bell
-S: [2] Joshua Reed Bell
-D: [exp] Naomi Jane Bell

S: [21] Cole Broderick Davies

D1: [51] Rose Tamsin (Davies) Knight
exH: [61] Theodore Milo Adams

S: [30] Seth Elliott Adams
-W: [31] Eva Florence (Foster) Adams
-S: [8] Aaron Nolan Adams
-S/S: [5] Brice Jarrett Adams / Riley Dominic Adams
-D: [3] Natalie Kate Adams
-D: [exp] Lyla Adele Adams

S: [28] Wesley Christopher Adams

exH: [57] Eric Grayson Campbell

S: [21] Blake Christian Campbell
S: [18] Sawyer Rowland Campbell
D: [15] Romy Margaret Campbell

H: [54] Paul Aubrey Knight

S: [11] Silas Elliot Campbell

S2: [42] Ellis William Davies
W: [42] Adelaide Madeleine (Whitley) Davies

S: [11] Vincent Richard Davies
D: [7] Eliza Loretta Davies
S: [5] Harris Percival Davies

S3: [41] Leo Alistair Davies
W: [39] Vivian Faye (Langley) Davies

S: [18] Zane Dalton Davies
S: [17] Justin Giles Davies
D: [15] Brenna Alexandra Davies
D: [14] Zoe Madelyn Davies
D: [10] Delaney Lorelei Davies

D2: [38] Emma Violet (Davies) Barlow
H: [49] Jesse Brian Barlow

S: [22] Archer Micah Barlow
D: [18] Lark Jessamine Barlow

D3: [37] Claire Eleanor (Davies) Hewitt
H: [39] Philip Tristram Hewitt

S/S: [18] Corbin Flynn Hewitt / Kent Donovan Hewitt

D4: [30] Ivy Amabel (Davies) Rasmussen
H: [32] August Cecil Rasmussen

S: [5] Calvin Edgar Rasmussen
S: [3] Brett Neville Rasmussen
S: [1] Dillon Merrill Rasmussen

S4: [29] Simon Alexander Davies
W: [24] Ada Phoebe (McLeod) Davies

D: [3] Sage Cathleen Davies
S: [1] Jaden Brighton Davies
S: [exp] Brandon Edmund Davies

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