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Subject: LadyJenna's Two Family NTNB Round 3
Author: LadyJenna   (Authenticated as LadyJenna)
Date: September 24, 2012 at 6:17:28 AM
Travers Family

DH: Rogan Charles
DW: Rebekkah Lucille-Rose

DD: Tierney Willa
DS: Riordan Theodore (Jessanmine)
DD/DD: Flannery Pearl(findthsea) and Brogan Ada(miakendal1075)
DS/DS: ?

Rogan and Bekkah are having twin boys ... this is just amazing to them! Rogan wants their FN's to be rugged sounding but at the same time Bekka wants the FN's to be either Welsh or Scottish and the MN's to be long and old but also either Welsh or Scottish.


The Peacock Family

DH: Donald Lee
Dw: Jennifer Ann

DS: Drake Lee
DD: Killian Willow-Aine
DS/DS: Tristan River (Jessamine) and Tate Forrester (weirwood)
DD: Isla Ceridwen (SugarPlumFairy)
DD: ?

Donny and Jenna are having another little girl. The two of them still want their little one's name to be similar in taste to the other girls in the family. But this time the MN should be short and sassy almost nickname like.

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