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Subject: Re: Draco's Congrats- Round 17
Author: Wandering Moon   (Authenticated as Lillian Abigail)
Date: September 26, 2012 at 4:06:58 PM
Reply to: Draco's Congrats- Round 17 by Dracotorix
UN: Wandering Moon

LN: Cook
SO1: Martin Oliver
SO2: Alexandra Grace [Harper] 'Alex'

DS: Ryan Andrew
--DW: Theodora Elisabeth [Green] ‘Teddy’
--DD: Katherine Sarah Cook-Whitmore ‘Kit’
----DW: Tamora Hero Cook-Whitmore
----DS: Philippe Anatole
----DD: Sabine Melisande
--DS: Charles Stephen ‘Chuck’
----DW: Miranda Juliet [Slender]
--DDog: Teo [Siberian Husky, male]

DS: Hector Luca (Tamara’s twin)
--DW: Zipporah Elizabeth [Pryce]
--DS: Arthur Samuel
--DD: Iphigenia Bronwyn ‘Genny’

DD: Tamara Martina [Cook] (Hector’s twin)
--DH: Leon Gabriel Demery
--DD: Jane Kestrel
--DD: Leia Salome
--DD: Kira Poppy

DS: Briar Chrysanthemum
--DW: Tess Danica [Hunter-Morrison]
--DS: Theron Alaric
--DCat: Layla [Japanese Bobtail, female]

DD: Isolde Gaia
--DH: Thomas Gregory Owston ‘Tom’
--DD: Velantina Tempest ‘Val’
--DS/DS: Bartholomew Frank ‘Barty’ & Nicodemus Leif ‘Nico’

DCat: Samus [Grey and white tabby, female]
--DD: Rachel [Black and white tabby, female]
--DS: Barney [Grey and white tabby, male]
--DS: George [Calico, male]
--DD: V-GER [Grey and white tabby, female]
--DS: Dom [Orange tabby, male]

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