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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: elevator   (Authenticated as elevator)
Date: September 26, 2012 at 9:39:37 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010
H: [90] Benjamin Quillen Harman
W: [88] Aislin Iona (Bartlett) Harman

S1: [60] Benjamin Quillen Harman Jr.
D1: [58] Iona Bartlett Harman
S2: [48] Russell William Harman

S1: [60] Benjamin Quillen Harman Jr.
W: [70] Elizabeth Helene (Winslow) Harman

D: [37] Arielle Juliette Harman
-exH: [40] Everett Jameson Wood
-D: [11] Charlotte Madeleine Wood
-S: [8] Everett Jameson Wood
-S: [6] Jasper Marshall Wood
-S: [4] Theodore Beckett Wood
-F: [22] Miles Asher Wybourne

D: [33] Catherine Josephine (Harman) Baker
-H: [48] Owen Richard Baker
-D: [exp] Elise Simone Baker

D: [31] Helene Aislin (Harman) Brown
-H: [31] John Douglas Brown
-S: [4] John Douglas Brown Jr.
-D/D: [2] Adelaide Ruth Brown / Josephine Winifred Brown
-S: [exp] William Vincent Brown

D1: [58] Iona Bartlett (Harman) Bradford
H: [80] Simon Alexander Bradford

S: [42] Benjamin Harman Bradford
-W: [31] Anna Rebecca (Hobart) Bradford
-D/D: [13] Alina Carlin Bradford / Raina Maddalen Bradford
-D: [8] Jocelyn Verena Bradford
-S/D: [5] Phineas Byron Bradford / Helene Sterlyn Bradford
-S: [1] Benjamin Harman Bradford Jr.
-S: [exp] Quincy Orson Bradford

S: [40] Nathaniel Emmett Bradford
-W: [30] Susanna Grace (Morgan) Bradford
-S: [10] Emmett Morgan Bradford
-S: [8] Leo Isaac Bradford
-S: [5] Samuel Kenneth Bradford
-D/D: [exp] Lydia Rose Bradford / Sophia Jane Bradford

D: [38] Lydia Maeve (Bradford) Wethersfield
-H: [55] Francis Valentin Wethersfield
-D/D: [18] Margaret Honora Wethersfield / Eleanor Arabella Wethersfield
-D: [14] Anna Kyra Wethersfield
-D: [12] Victoria Mary Wethersfield
-D: [10] Maeve Lydia Wethersfield
-S/D: [8] Owen Nicholas Wethersfield / Emma Catherine Wethersfield
-S: [3] Francis Valentin Wethersfield
-D: [1] Lucy Scarlett Wethersfield

D: [30] Sarah Deborah (Bradford) Collier
-H: [37] Bertram Clarance Collier
-S/D: [8] Henry Maxwell Collier / Caroline Lillian Collier
-D/D: [3] Olivia Gabriella Collier / Isabella Grace Collier
-S: [exp] Alexander Theodore Collier

S: [27] Connor Flynn Bradford

S2: [48] Russell William Harman
W: [40] Sarah Quinn (Curtis) Harman

S: [20] Curtis Benjamin Harman
D: [18] Quinn Sarah Harman
S: [15] William Russell Harman
S/D: [13] John Grady Harman / Anna Phoebe Harman
S: [8] Elliot Alexander Harman
D: [5] Gemma Saffron Harman
D: [4] Simone Augusta Harman
S: [1] Riley Thomas Harman
D: [exp] Aurora Larissa Harman

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