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Subject: Re: Viatrix's New Congrats {seven}
Author: Francesca   (Authenticated as Francesca)
Date: September 26, 2012 at 11:36:36 PM
Reply to: Viatrix's New Congrats {seven} by Viatrix

UN: Francesca
LN: Woodhouse-Marsh
H: Philip MacKenzie Marsh
W: Ruth Morgana Woodhouse

D: Gigi Natasha Woodhouse-Marsh
-H: Ernest Florian Borgogni
--D/S: Drella Paris Woodhouse-Marsh-Borgogni / Caesar Hanlin Woodhouse-Marsh-Borgogni

S: Ivan Gaius Woodhouse-Marsh
-Gf: Pernilla Elin Iyer
--D: Meraud Dilara Iyer

S: Vincent Astrophel Woodhouse-Marsh [twin to Josephine]
-F: Catrin Satsuki Pasternak

D: Josephine Astraea Woodhouse-Marsh [twin to Vincent]
-H: Thomas Marshall Ledbetter
--D: Liberty Lavinia Ledbetter

S: Galahad Fiachra Woodhouse-Marsh
-W: Dorta Serena Kishlovsky-Woodhouse-Marsh

D: Lucrezia Gudrun (Woodhouse-Marsh) Airoldi
--H: Irenee Emilien Airoldi

S: Caspar Roland Woodhouse-Marsh
S: Barnabas Giles Woodhouse-Marsh
D/D: Rosamund Hypatia Woodhouse-Marsh / Rowena Pearl Woodhouse-Marsh
S: Isidore Tavish Woodhouse-Marsh
S: Theoden Edgar Woodhouse-Marsh

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