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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: CosimaCH   (guest)
Date: September 27, 2012 at 3:59:23 AM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010
H: Benjamin Dunstan Somer [90]
W: Iona Aoife Mansfield Somer [88]

S1: Benjamin Dunstan [60]
D1: Aoife Mansfield [58]
S2: Gideon Abram [48]

Benjamin (Jamie) & Iona; Benjamin, Aoife, and Gideon.
S1: Benjamin Dunstan Somer [60]
W: Genevieve Marie-Simone Rouse Somer [70]

Benjamin (Ben) & Genevieve; Eloise, Mary, and Simone.

D: Eloise Juliette Somer Parker [37]
-exH: Ronan Samuel Parker [40]
-D: Eve Julia Parker [11]
-S: Ronan Samuel Parker [8]
-S: Harrison Stephen Parker [6]
-S: Kieran Rhys Parker [4]
-F: Miles Asher Robinson [22]

Eloise & Ronan; Eve, Ronan, Harrison (Harry), and Kieran.
Eloise & Miles.

D: Mary Diana Somer Blanchard [33]
-H: Owen Declan Blanchard [48]
-D: Elise Genevieve Blanchard [exp]

Mary & Owen; Elise.

D: Simone Aoife Somer Baseden [31]
-H: John Douglas Baseden III[31]
-S: John Douglas Baseden IV [4]
-D/D: Theodora Pearl Baseden & Josephine May Baseden [2]
-S: Vincent Francis Baseden [exp]

Simone (Sim) & John; John (Jack), Theodora (Theda), Josephine (Josey), and Vincent.
D1: Aoife Mansfield Somer Bradford [58]
H: Simon Charles Bradford [80]

Aoife & Simon; Somer, Nathaniel, Iris, Sarah, and Connor.

S: Benjamin Somer Bradford [42]
-W: Claudia Maria Vermayes Bradford [31]
-D: Zelda Rachel Bradford [13]
-S/D: Abraham Phineas Bradford & Anna Henrietta Bradford [5]
-S: Julius Orson Bradford [exp]

Somer & Claudia; Zelda, Abraham (Abram), Anna (Annie), and Julius (Jules).

S: Nathaniel Emmett Bradford [40]
-W: Susanna Zoe Baldwin Bradford [30]
-S: Nathaniel Baldwin Bradford [10]
-S: Leo Adrian Bradford [8]
-S: Charles Samuel Bradford [5]
-D/D: Rose Lydia Bradford & Jane Sophia Bradford [exp]

Nathaniel & Susanna; Nathaniel (Nate), Leo, Charles (Charlie), Rose (Rosie), and Jane.

D: Iris Lydia Bradford East [38]
-H: Olivier Benoit East [55]
-D/D: Fenella Margaret East & Alice Arabella East [18]
-D: Victoria Mary East [12]
-D: Lydia Iris East [10]
-S/D: Dominic Quentin East & Catherine Dorothea East [8]
-D: Lucy Pearl East [1]

Iris & Olivier; Fenella (Nell), Alice, Victoria (Tora), Lydia, Dominic (Dom), Catherine (Catie), and Lucy.

D: Sarah Mary Bradford Southworth [30]
-H: Eleazer Clarence Southworth [37]
-S/D: Ethan Tobias Southworth & Caroline Jacqueline Southworth [8]
-D/D: Olivia Mary Southworth & Grace Abigail Southworth [3]
-S: Magnus Theodore Southworth [exp]

Sarah & Eleazer; Ethan, Caroline, Olivia (Liv), Grace (Gracie), and Magnus (Gus).

S: Connor Malachy Bradford [27]


S2: Gideon Abram Somer [48]
W: Sarah Temple Eliot Somer [40]
S: Eliot Benjamin Somer [20]
D: Temple Sarah Somer [18]
S: Declan Eamon Somer [13]
S: Alexander Grey Somer [8]
D: Isadora Tabitha Somer [5]
D: Francesca Paulina Somer [4]
S: Thomas Jude Somer [1]
D: Anastasia Valentina Somer [exp]

Gideon & Sarah; Eliot, Temple, Declan, Alexander (Alec), Isadora (Sadie), Francesca (Frannie), Thomas (Tom), and Anastasia (Ani).

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