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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: Ninor   (Authenticated as Frozten)
Date: September 27, 2012 at 5:28:14 AM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010
H: [90] Benjamin Dunstan Tenney
W: [88] Keira Aoife (Taylor) Tenney

S1: [60] Benjamin Dunstan Tenney "Jam"
D1: [58] Aoife Taylor Tenney
S2: [48] William Gideon Tenney

S1: [60]
W: [70] Elizabeth Helene (Newton) Tenney

D: [37] Hannah Arielle (Tenney) Bost
-exH: [40] Samuel Paxton Bost
-D: [11] Julia Brielle Bost
-S: [8] Samuel Paxton Bost "Sam"
-S: [6] Jasper Colt Bost
-S: [4] Greyson Theodore Bost
-F: [22] Milo Asher Wybourne

D: [33] Josephine Noelle (Tenney) Plimpton
-H: [48] Lucas Henry Plimpton
-D: [exp] Elizabeth Celine Plimpton "Eliza"

D: [31] Helene Keira (Tenney) Smith
-H: [31] John Foster Smith
-S: [4] John Foster Smith "Johnny"
-D/D: [2] Pearl Helene Smith / Clara Elizabeth Smith
-S: [exp] Joseph William Smith

D1: [58]
H: [80] Alexander Simon Huckstepp

S: [42] Benjamin Tenney Huckstepp
-W: [31] Anna Amelia (Ibrook) Huckstepp
-D/D: [13] Alia Hedwig Huckstepp / Saxon Maddalen Huckstepp
-D: [8] Jocelyn Yseult Huckstepp
-S/D: [5] Phineas Benjamin Huckstepp "Finn" / Sterlyn Anna Huckstepp
-S: [1] Benjamin Tenney Huckstepp "Ben"
-S: [exp] Hezekiah Frederick Huckstepp "Kai"

S: [40] Nathaniel Emmett Huckstepp
-W: [30] Eira Zoe (Wilmot) Huckstepp
-S: [10] Emmett Wilmot Huckstepp
-S: [8] Isaac Morrison Huckstepp
-S: [5] Lee Samuel Huckstepp
-D/D: [exp] Rose Lydia Huckstepp / Ava Chloe Huckstepp

D: [38] Imogen Haley (Huckstepp) Wethersfield
-H: [55] Aurelien Valentin Wethersfield
-D/D: [18] Honora Isibeal Wethersfield / Arabella Adelyn Wethersfield
-D: [14] Kyra Casey Wethersfield
-D: [12] Ariel Lola Wethersfield
-D: [10] Haley Imogen Wethersfield
-S/D: [8] Dominic Patrick Wethersfield / Emma Catherine Wethersfield
-S: [3] Aurelien Valentin Wethersfield "Lee"
-D: [1] Natasha Hermione Wethersfield

D: [30] Skye Avalon Huckstepp-Cooper
-H: [37] Eleazer Cooper
-S/D: [8] Sebastian Jacob Huckstepp-Cooper / Caroline Katherine Huckstepp-Cooper
-D/D: [3] Isabella Mackenzie Huckstepp-Cooper / Abigail Makayla Huckstepp-Cooper
-S: [exp] Theodore Alexander Huckstepp-Cooper

S: [27] Malachy Flynn Huckstepp

S2: [48]
W: [40] Harlow Avery (Clark) Tenney

S: [20] Clark Benjamin Tenney
D: [18] Avery Harlow Tenney
S: [15] Gideon William Tenney
S/D: [13] Declan Rafferty Tenney / Aurinda Remember Tenney
S: [8] Elliot Darcy Tenney
D: [5] Isadora Story Tenney
D: [4] Georgia Paulina Tenney
S: [1] Riley Jude Tenney
D: [exp] Seraphina Aurora Tenney

Monsters are real, and ghost are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.

- Stephen King


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