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Subject: Re: Draco's Congrats- Round 17
Author: WisteriaAnn   (Authenticated as WisteriaAnn)
Date: September 27, 2012 at 8:30:25 PM
Reply to: Draco's Congrats- Round 17 by Dracotorix
UN: WisteriaAnn

LN: Kackley
H: Jordan Leon Kackley
W: Kiersten Anne Kackley

DD: Ava Summer {Kackley} Anderson
--DH: Haiden Callum Anderson
--DS: Adrian Leopold Anderson
----DW: Rosaline Celia (Grey) Anderson
----DD: Lea Celeste Anderson
----DS: Theodore Damien "Teddy" Anderson

--DS: Andreas Konrad “Andre” Anderson
----DW: Phebe Elizabeth (Lovell) Anderson
--Husky(f): Snow

DD: Alondra Nicole {Kackley} Howell (Aylin’s twin)
--DH: Kyle Lester Howell
--DD: Autumn Elizabeth Howell
--DS: Atlas Simeon Howell
--DD: Ariel Tempest Howell

DD: Aylin Sofia {Kackley} Pryce (Alondra’s twin)
--DH: Lucien Finley Pryce
--DS: Alerin Keir
--Cat(m): Saber

DS: Aspen Reed Kackley
--DW: Katie Opal {Martin} Kackley
--DD: Anna Rosemary Kackley
--DD: Alice Colleen Kackley

DS: Alexander Jonas “Alex” Kackley
--DW: Serina Natalie {Jones} Kackley
--DS: Anthony James Kackley
--DS/DD: Ashton Levi Kackley / Angel Noella Kackley

Dog (f): Belle
--DS: Toby
--DD: Willa
--DD: Annie
--DS: Quincy
--DS: Jack
--DD: Holly

~Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.~

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