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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: Serel Channah   (Authenticated as floppery)
Date: September 27, 2012 at 9:27:55 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010
H: [90] Benjamin Yancey Wilson
W: [88] Aoife Ciara [Warde] Wilson

S1: [60] Benjamin Yancey Wilson
D1: [58] Ciara Warde Wilson
S2: [48] Atticus Matteo Wilson

The Wilson Family
Benji and Aoife
Yancey, Ciara and Atticus

S1: [60] Benjamin Yancey Wilson
W: [70] Genevieve Adela [White] Wilson

The Wilson Family
Yancey and Ginny
Juliette, Josephine and Adela

D: [37] Juliette Eloise Wilson
-exH: [40] Ronan Everett Potter
-D: [11] Eve Madeleine Potter
-S: [8] Ronan Everett Potter
-S: [6] Jasper Brooks Potter
-S: [4] Rhys Theophilus Potter
-F: [22] Milo Finnegan Wells

The Potter Family
Juliette and Ronan
Evie, Everett, Jasper and Rhys

The Wilson and Wells Family
Juliette and Milo

D: [33] Josephine Mary [Wilson] Baker
-H: [48] Lucas Henry Baker
-D: [exp] Marie Genevieve Baker

The Baker Family
Josephine and Lucas

D: [31] Adela Aoife [Wilson] Smith
-H: [31] Reed Stewart Smith
-S: [4] Reed Stewart Smith
-D/D: [2] Theodora Adelaide Smith / Clara Ruth Smith
-S: [exp] Vincent Arthur Smith

The Smith Family
Adela and Reed
Stewart, Thea, Clara and Vincent

D1: [58] Ciara Ward [Wilson] May
H: [80] Alexander James May

The May Family
Ciara and Alex
Ben, Raoul, Imogen, Avalon and Fin

S: [42] Benjamin Wilson May
-W: [31] Maria Claudia [Littler] May
-D/D: [13] Zelda Wilhelmina May / Maude Gabriele May
-D: [8] Judith Nadina May
-S/D: [5] Jethro Llewellyn May / Heidi Anna May
-S: [1] Benjamin Wilson May
-S: [exp] Lemuel Julius May

The May Family
Ben and Maria
Zelda, Maude, Judith, Jethro, Heidi, Wil and Lemuel

S: [40] Raoul Emmett May
-W: [30] Zoe Grace [Manwaring] May
-S: [10] Emmett Manwaring May
-S: [8] Leo Dashiell May
-S: [5] Charles Samuel May
-D/D: [exp] Mina Opal May / Sophia Jane May

The May Family
Raoul and Zoe
Emmett, Leo, Charlie, Mina and Sophia

D: [38] Imogen Maeve [May] Short
-H: [55] Olivier Valentin Short
-D/D: [18] Gracie Honora Short / Alice Sofia Short
-D: [14] Anna Heather Short
-D: [12] Maggie Lola Short
-D: [10] Maeve Imogen Short
-S/D: [8] Patrick Quentin Short / Phoebe Dorothea Short
-S: [3] Olivier Valentin Short
-D: [1] Daisy Hermione Short

The Short Family
Imogen and Olivier
Gracie, Alice, Anna, Maggie, Maeve, Patrick, Phoebe, Val and Daisy

D: [30] Avalon Robin [May] Oviatt
-H: [37] Orville Clarence Oviatt
-S/D: [8] Tobias Edwin Oviatt / Lillian Caroline Oviatt
-D/D: [3] Emily Olivia Oviatt / Martha Sophia Oviatt
-S: [exp] Magnus Theodore Oviatt

The Oviatt Family
Avalon and Orville
Toby, Lillie, Emily, Martha and Magnus

S: [27] Finbar Flynn May

S2: [48] Atticus Matteo Wilson
W: [40] Sarah Sinclair [Curtis] Wilson

S: [20] Curtis Benjamin Wilson
D: [18] Sinclair Sarah Wilson
S: [15] Matteo Atticus Wilson
S/D: [13] Seamus Declan Wilson / Verity Cornelia Wilson
S: [8] Grey Willoughby Wilson
D: [5] Saffron Gwyneth Wilson
D: [4] Augusta Simone Wilson
S: [1] Thomas Ishmael Wilson
D: [exp] Larissa Seraphina Wilson

The Wilson Family
Atticus and Sarah
Curtis, Clair, Matteo, Seamus, Verity, Grey, Saffie, Augusta, Thomas and Larissa

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