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Subject: Re: LadyJenna's Two Family NTNB Round 6
Author: Ninor   (Authenticated as Frozten)
Date: September 28, 2012 at 3:04:40 PM
Reply to: LadyJenna's Two Family NTNB Round 6 by LadyJenna
Travers Family

DH: Rogan Charles
DW: Rebekkah Lucille-Rose

DD: Tierney Willa
Dbf: Kason Richard Patterson III
DS: Rowan Kase (Ninor)
DD/DD: Tinsley Elle(mooly) and Waverly Mia (SugarPlumFairy)
DS: Riordan Theodore (Jessanmine)
DW: Theodora Igraine Bates-Travers (Wierwood)
DD/DD/DS: Amelina Evie Serenity / Mathilda Rue Kayleigh / Wolfgang Jax Grayson "Wolf?"

DD/DD: Flannery Pearl(findthsea) and Brogan Ada(miakendal1075)
Flannery DH: Jadon Dominic Walters
Brogan DH: Mason Tristan Blackwall

DS/DS: Griffith Llewellyn (Ninor) and Reilly Ivor(SugarPlumFairy)
DD: Rinley Aeronwen(Ninor)
DS: Bleddyn Tyr (Ninor)
DD: Eavan Myrtle(molly)
DD: Niamh Lyra

DDog: Juno(molly)
DPup: Luna(SugarPlumFairy)
DPup: Joker(Ninor)


The Peacock Family

DH: Donald Lee
Dw: Jennifer Ann

DS: Drake Lee
Dgf: Autumn Skye Bentley
DD/DD: Rosemary Frances(Ninor) and Elizabeth Anemone(AhaRememo)
DS: Damien Lee

DD: Killian Willow-Aine
DH: Tristan Alexander-Lee Hawks
DS: Bailey Fredrick(molly)
DS/DS/DS: Kameron Tate River / Kyler Talon Phoenix / Kohen Theodore Blue

DS/DS: Tristan River (Jessamine) and Tate Forrester (weirwood)
DD: Isla Ceridwen (SugarPlumFairy)
DS/DD: Tyrion Kade(molly) and Kellan Bryn(Wierwood)
DD: Sierra Joy

DD: Esme Kay(Ninor)
DD/DD/DS/DS: Kenna Magnolia(Weirwood),Keelin Azalea(jessica_p),Rory Viktor(SugarPlumFairy), and Rowan Thade(jessica_p)
DS: Thaddeus Cole(AhaRememo)
DS: Jasper Xeno(molly)
DD/DS: EilĂ­s Niamh / Patrick Aonghus

DHorse: Asta(AhaRememo)

Monsters are real, and ghost are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.

- Stephen King


Top rated: Sophia and Alexander
Bottom: Dolly and Nemo

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