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Subject: Re: Zombie's NTNB 3 Families Round 9
Author: Zaïre Ann   (Authenticated as NamesAreAwesome)
Date: September 30, 2012 at 12:37:07 PM
Reply to: Zombie's NTNB 3 Families Round 9 by zombieoftheweek
LN: Kovacs-Foster
H: Hilbert Kovacs "Hill" (SugarPlumFairy)
W: Juliet Leah Foster (Miakendall1075)
D: Delilah Hepzibah Hertz "Lilah" [Kovacs-Foster] (Zaïre Ann) (Jacob's twin)
-H: Dallas Miller Hertz (Ninor)
-S: Dashiell Hillary Hertz (Molly)
S: Jacob Zephaniah Kovacs-Foster (Julia) (Lilah's twin)
-W: Lillian Hanna Kovacs-Foster [Kelspar] (LadyJenna)
D: Beatrice Kezia Tailler [Kovacs-Foster] (LittleMissNicki)
-H: Benoit Emilien Tailler (AhaRememo)
-S: Francisque Leo Tailler
S: William Kenan Kovacs-Foster (AhaRememo)
-W: Yaðmur "Murry" Zenaide [Alff] Kovacs-Foster
S: Elijah Raphael Kovacs-Foster (SugarPlumFairy)

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