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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: Julia   (Authenticated as JuliaF)
Date: October 1, 2012 at 2:26:56 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010
H: [99] Andrew Jason MacFarland
W: [88] Anne Kristina Woodworth

D1: [53] Mary Nicole
D2: [51] Elizabeth Grace
D3: [49] Victoria Luz
D4: [47] Naomi Sarah

Andrew & Anne; Mary, Elizabeth, Victoria, and Naomi

D1: [53] Mary Nicole
H: [64] Ethan David Godfrey

Mary & Ethan; Rose, Michael, Elizabeth, Peter, Claire, John, Mira, David, Lydia, and Abigail

D: [32] Rose Josephine
-H: [34] Matthew Jason Stetson
-S: [9] David Connor
-D: [5] Josephine Anne "Josie"
-S: [3] Alexander William
-S: [1] Thomas Nathan

Rose & Matthew; David, Josie, Alexander, and Thomas

S: [30] Michael William
-W: [23] Sarah Emilie Jackson
-S: [4] Michael William "Liam"
-D: [2] Mary Kristen
-D: [exp] Anne Emilie

Michael & Sarah; Liam, Mary, and Anne

D: [28] Elizabeth Julia
-H: [38] David Elisha Briggs
-S: [6] David Elisha "Eli"
-D: [4] Mary Stella
-D: [2] Julia Elizabeth
-D: [exp] Sharada Jael "Adah"

Elizabeth & David; Eli, Mary, Julia, and Adah

S: [27] Peter Jonathan
-W: [22] Hannah Zoe Smith
-S: [exp] Nathan Daniel

Peter & Hannah; Nathan

D: [25] Claire Hannah

S: [23] John Samuel
-GF: [22] Alison Rose Baker
-S: [exp] John Samuel "Sam"

John & Alison; Sam

D: [17] Miranda Brynn "Mira"
-BF: [20] Matthew Hayden Foster
-S: [exp] Jacob Thomas

Mira & Matthew; Jacob

S: [15] Ethan David "David"
D: [13] Lydia Emily
D: [11] Abigail Karen

D2: [51] Elizabeth Grace
H: [61] David Andrew

Elizabeth & David; Abigail, Michael, Hannah, Ethan, Olivia, James, Benjamin, and Adam

D: [34] Abigail Sofia
-H: [42] Henry Peter Cook
-D: [17] Sofia Grace
-S/D: [16] Daniel Matthew / Isabella Magdalena
-S: [12] David Andrew
-D: [10] Alice Catherine
-S: [8] Nathaniel Christopher "Nathan"
-D/S: [5] Marie Rebecca / James Richard
-D: [1] Anna Sarah

Abigail & Henry; Sofia, Daniel, Isabella, David, Alice, Nathan, Marie, James, and Anna

S: [31] Michael Alexander
-W: [28] Leah Evelyn Fuller "Eva"
-D: [4] Anna Rachel
-D: [2] Rose Veronique
-D: [exp] Leah Evelyn

Michael & Eva; Anna, Rose, and Leah

D: [29] Hannah Melanie
-exH: [40] Ian Mark Whipple
-H: [29] Joseph Paul Gallop

Hannah & Ian; Joseph

S: [27] Ethan Thomas
-GF: [21] Katerina Grace Dunham

Ethan & Katerina

D: [24] Olivia Jacqueline
-BF: [24] Noah Sean Lincoln

Olivia & Noah

S: [22] James William
S: [17] Benjamin Mark
S: [15] Adam Robert

D3: [49] Victoria Luz
H: [61] Jacob Nathaniel

Victoria & Jacob; Nathaniel

S: [30] Jacob Nathaniel "Nathaniel"
-W: [28] Genevieve Lydia Marshall
-D: [exp] Hannah Ruby

Nathaniel & Genevieve; Hannah

D4: [47] Naomi Sarah
H: [54] Joseph Caleb Remington

Naomi & Joseph; Sarah, Emma, Anya, Michael, William, Grace, Maya, Audrey, Abigail, Rachel, Mary, and Solomon

D: [26] Sarah MacFarland
-H: [26] Daniel Philip Whitman
-D: [3] Margaret Sarah

D: [25] Emma Rose
-BF: [27] Luke Aaron Josselyn

D: [23] Anastasia Nicole "Anya"
S: [21] Michael Robert
S: [19] William James
D/D: [16] Grace Natalia / Maya Rebecca
D: [13] Audrey Susan
D: [11] Abigail Kira
D: [8] Rachel Melanie
D/S: [5] Mary Faith / Solomon Philip

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