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Subject: Re: Ninor's Congrats Round 12
Author: Serel Channah   (Authenticated as floppery)
Date: October 1, 2012 at 4:24:52 PM
Reply to: Ninor's Congrats Round 12 by Ninor
UN: Serel Channah
LN: Pond
DH: Ianto Augustus Pond
DW: Agatha Winter (Tennant) Pond
DS: Dexter Vincent Pond
--DW: Emilia Rosalind (Smith) Pond
--DD: Zelda Penelope Pond
--DD: Agnes Matilda Pond
--DS: Bennett Sullivan Pond
--DS: Remus Alastor Pond
DS: David Henry Pond
--DH: Leopold Orion Williams
--DD: Clara Beatrix Williams-Pond
--DS: Lemuel Curtis Williams-Pond
--DD: Daisy Eloise Williams-Pond
DD: Ramona Sophia (Pond) Noble
--DH: Draco Linus Noble
--DD: Allison Jean Noble
--DS/DS: Henry Flynn Noble / Felix Tobias Noble
--DS: Matteo Phoenix Noble
DD: Molly Ingrid (Pond) Harkness
--DH: Glenn Frederick Harkness
--DD: Maria Pamela Harkness
--DS: Simon Hamish Harkness
DD/DS: Petra Sigrid Pond / Hugo Gabriel Pond
--Petra’s DW: Dahlia Josephine Tyler
--Hugo’s DW: Ada Cassandra [Malone] Pond
--DS: Orlando Theodore Pond

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