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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: Jasmine   (Authenticated as silly_rabbit)
Date: October 2, 2012 at 6:19:41 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010
H: [99] Reed Dane Gilman
W: [88] Cassie Riviera Ticknor Gilman

D1: [53] Sarita Laelle Gilman Rockwood
D2: [51] Wiloni Alice Gilman Adams
D3: [49] Joey Laine Gilman Jordan
D4: [47] Crystina Ember Gilman Farrow

D1: [53] Sarita Laelle Gilman Rockwood
H: [64] Ethan Naba Rockwood

D: [32] Teslin Makenzie Rockwood Tooker
-H: [34] Tracy Matthew Tooker
-S: [9] Kameron Brawn
-D: [5] Makenzie Sarita
-S: [3] Jesse Forrest
-S: [1] Ari Aaron

S: [30] Joshua Easton Rockwood
-W: [23] Kaitlyn Emilie Walley Rockwood
-S: [4] Joshua Easton
-D: [2] Evangeline Brylie
-D: [exp] Sarita Kaitlyn

D: [28] Stephanie Megan Rockwood Newberry
-H: [38] Elisha Rowdy Newberry
-S: [6] Elisha Rowdy
-D: [4] Stella Mackenzie
-D: [2] Megan Stephanie
-D: [exp] Jael Kanoelani

S: [27] Christopher Jeremiah Rockwood
-W: [22] Zoe Aveah Lamberton Rockwood
-S: [exp] Hayden Tyler

D: [25] Emily Kai Rockwood

S: [23] Samuel Ethan Rockwood
-GF: [22] Andrea Rose Dickinson
-S: [exp] Samuel Ethan

D: [17] Indira Karen Rockwood
-BF: [20] Otto Bentley Wood
-S: [exp] Keagan Andrew Wood

S: [15] Ethan Naba Rockwood
D: [13] Savana Lee Rockwood
D: [11] Jordyn Abigail Rockwood

D2: [51] Wiloni Alice Gilman Adams
H: [61] Jaime Julio Adams

D: [34] Mabel Sierra Adams Clark
-H: [42] Henry Clyde Clark
-D: [17] Sierra Alice
-S/D: [16] Cory Nathan / Lerenzy Aneira
-S: [12] Jaime Julio
-D: [10] Theresa Allison 'Tessa'
-S: [8] Anthony Liam
-D/S: [5] June Candice / Eleven Nathaniel
-D: [1] Livvy Jean

S: [31] August Gregory Adams
-W: [28] Meathen Lea Parkhurst Adams
-D: [4] Rachel Dae
-D: [2] Leila Veronique
-D: [exp] Meathen Lea

D: [29] Melanie Renee Adams Joy
-exH: [40] Israel Ian Stodder
-H: [29] Ronan Paul Joy

S: [27] Michael Travis Adams
-GF: [21] Naoko Grace Greenleaf

D: [24] Brittany Olivia Adams
-BF: [24] Malakai Sean Wilder

S: [22] Rory William
S: [17] Reese Benjamin
S: [15] Eli Skylar

D3: [49] Joey Laine Gilman Jordan
H: [61] William Crimson Jordan

S: [30] William Crimson Jordan
-W: [28] Nikohl Bridgette Parmenter Jordan
-D: [exp] Ruby Cecilia

D4: [47] Crystina Ember Gilman Farrow
H: [54] Ryu Joseph Farrow

D: [26] Ember Gilman Farrow
-H: [26] Jaivaz Kekoa Lewis
-D: [3] Kayce Lanell

D: [25] Shaney Alecia Farrow
-BF: [27] Landon Axl Whiston

D: [23] Misty Renee
S: [21] Liam Colin
S: [19] Kahdon Mikael
D/D: [16] Brehan Addison / Maia Leslie
D: [13] Brooklyn Audrey
D: [11] Kira Riley
D: [8] Kami Elise
D/S: [5] Claira Meridian / Blair Garrett

Sun in the sky, you know how I feel. . .

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