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Subject: Re: generation caf
Author: Ninor   (Authenticated as Frozten)
Date: October 3, 2012 at 10:11:55 AM
Reply to: generation caf by Viatrix
H [98] Ian Montgomery Cassidy
W [97] Poppy Eliza (Durbeyfield) Cassidy

S1 [76] Raphael Benedict Cassidy
D1 [75] Eira Aisling Cassidy
D2 [73] Athena Rose Cassidy

S1 [76] Raphael Benedict Cassidy
W [74] Cornelia Hailey Brooke

S [53] Findlay Eliam Cassidy
-W [50] Sofia Holliday (Henderson) Cassidy
-D [25] Amelie Calliope (Cassidy) Woodrow
--H [27] Malachy Octavian Woodroow
---D [3] Alba Soleil Woodrow
---S [2] Mio Tristram Woodrow
-D [25] Elle Kitty (Cassidy) Pavely
--H [30] Oscar Emmanuel Pavely
---D [1] Addalie Maude Pavely
---D [nb] Idun Pauline Pavely
-S [21] Damian Emil Cassidy
-D [19] Elanor Chiara Cassidy
-S [17] Dorian Dante Cassidy

D [50] Cerys Mirjam (Cassidy) Alderton
-H [51] Llyr Silas Alderton
-D [23] Tegan Kaelia Alderton
--Bf [24] Micah Aidan Hunter
-S [21] Hunter Boaz Alderton
--Gf [21] Lana Persephone Danby
-D [18] Evanna Schuyler Alderton
-D [16] Lilia Naya Alderton

S [48] Darius Salomon Cassidy
-W [47] Eliana Judith (Pegden) Cassidy
-D/S [19] Michaela Taya Cassidy / Elijah Thalen Cassidy
-D [16] Hadley Anna Cassidy
-D [15] Acacia Haven Cassidy
-S [12] Noel Dakota Cassidy

D1 [75] Eira Aisling (Cassidy) Tulliver
H [78] Killian Celyn Tulliver

S [51] Jordan Llewellyn Tulliver
-W [50] Audrey Makenna (McClane) Tulliver
-S [24] Leonidas Sabin Tulliver "Leo"
--Gf [21] Hero Seraphine Compton
-D [22] Zora Eris Tulliver
--Bf [25] Benjamin Remus Everglot
-D [20] Hera Morrow Tulliver
--Gf [21] Xenia Noelle McMorrow
-S [18] Gideon Orion Tulliver

D [49] Emilie Hope (Tulliver) Narracott
-H [53] Ashley Faelan Narracott
-D [22] Alexandra Isolde Narracott
--Bf [23] Amadeus Damien Watson
-S [21] Declan Dougray Narracott
--Bf [22] Isaak Frederick Spong
-S [18] Daniel Nicolae Narracott
-D [17] Phoebe Violet Narracott
-S [15] Lionel Aurelius Narracott
-S [12] Nathaniel Seth Narracott

D [45] Layla Jocosa (Narracott) Edwards
-H [48] Isaac Blaise Edwards
-S [20] Kai Frank Edwards
--Gf [19] Elizabeth Elodie Danzard
-S [17] Cohen Thomas Edwards
-S [14] Colin Josiah Edwards
-D [11] Audra Mireia Edwards

S [45] Dominic Lyall Narracott
-W [44] Willow Jocelyn Capstan
-D [16] Thalia Juliette Capstan-Narracott
-D [14] Aureliana Julia Capstan-Narracott
-S [12] Andreas David Capstan-Narracott
-D [10] Bellamy Ilaria Capstan-Narracott
-S [8] Riordan Lark Capstan-Narracott

D2 [73] Athena Rose (Cassidy) McPhelimy
H [76] Alexei Johannes McPhelimy

S [46] Angus Donovan McPhelimy
-W [45] Lily-Rose (Weasley) McPhelimy
-S [17] Emmett Elias McPhelimy
-S [16] Liam Sebastian McPhelimy
-D [14] Chloe Alaia McPhelimy
-S [12] Kale Fionan McPhelimy
-S [11] Albus Schuyler McPhelimy

S [44] August Ezra McPhelimy
-W [42] Aspen Renata (Dickinson) McPhelimy
-D/D [16] Bianca Emery McPhelimy / Adeline Rory McPhelimy
-D [12] Alessia Cecily McPhelimy
-S [8] Jesse Francis McPhelimy

D [42] Winter Isadora (McPhelimy) Stubbs
-H [44] Haytham Clement Stubbs "Hay"
-D [14] Zoe Anastasia Stubbs
-S [11] Nicholas Solomon Stubbs
-D/S [8] Astrid Cordelia Stubbs / Casimir Noam Stubbs
-D [5] Calla Miriam Stubbs

D [40] Ilyana Tallulah McPhelimy-Whitehouse
-H [42] Zachary Peregrine Whitehouse
-D [13] Evangeline Leonie McPhelimy-Whitehouse "Evie"
-D [10] Kayla Aurelie McPhelimy-Whitehouse
-D [7] Primrose Caroline McPhelimy-Whitehouse "Rose"
-D [5] Annora Ottilie McPhelimy-Whitehouse
-S [2] Drake Julian McPhelimy-Whitehouse

Monsters are real, and ghost are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.

- Stephen King


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