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Subject: Re: Ninor's Congrats Round 13
Author: Wandering Moon   (Authenticated as Lillian Abigail)
Date: October 4, 2012 at 4:03:55 PM
Reply to: Ninor's Congrats Round 13 by Ninor
UN: Wandering Moon
LN: Lindström
DH: Lukas Fritjof Lindström
DW: Rachel Leah (Skovgaard) Lindström
DD: Antonia Caroline Lindström
--Dbf: Magnus David Hummel
--DD: Linnea Ebba Hummel-Lindström
--DS: Spencer Murray Hummel-Lindström
--DD: Matilda Olga Hummel-Lindström
--DD: Camilla Eira Hummel-Lindström
DD: Charlotte Abigail (Lindström) Westerberg
--DH: Axel Rasmus Westerberg
--DS: Peter Otto Westerberg
--DS: Oscar Martin Westerberg
--DD: Lovisa Toba Westerberg
DS: Barnabas Gregor Lindström
--DW: Althea Minerva (Cooper) Lindström
--DS: Christopher Jason Lindström “Kit”
--DD: Sarah Madeleine Lindström “Sadie” (Evie’s twin)
--DD: Evelyn Jennifer Lindström “Evie” (Sadie’s twin)
--DD: Elizabeth Serena Lindström “Libby”
DD: Viktoria Luna (Lindström) Jenkins
--DH: Todd Andrew Jenkins
--DS: Paul Daniel Jenkins
--DS: Luca Anton Jenkins
DD/DD: Amanda Lykke (Lindström) Brahms (Helene’s twin)
--DH: Hugo Leander Brahms
--DD: Leandra Freja Brahms
--DS: Ulysses Teodor Brahms
DD: Helene Petra Lindström (Amanda’s twin)
--DW: Karina Mika Himura-Lindström
--DD: Irene Klara Himura-Lindström
--DS: Malcolm Noburu Himura-Lindström
--DS: Kurt Trygve Himura-Lindström
--DD: Izumi Zelda Himura-Lindström "Zelda"


I love one man, and you know it; I love him while awake; while sleeping; living; dead; love him. And if I can’t have him then God doesn’t exist, Reverend Sigurður; and you, the archpriest, don’t exist, nor does the bishop, nor my father, nor Jesus Christ; nothing—except for evil.

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