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Subject: Finished :)
Author: Eris   (Authenticated as Atheistia)
Date: October 5, 2012 at 1:02:19 PM
Reply to: Generation CAF w/ namebanks and rules by Ninor
DH: Henry Patrick
DW: Annora Neva

DD1: Sarah Kallisto
DD2: Cordelia Willow
DD3: Nora Tamar
DS1: Jeremy Jonathan
DD4: Alexandra Rosabel
DS2: Victor Anthony
DD5: Melanie Jessica "Mel"

Henry & Annora with Sarah, Cordelia, Nora, Jeremy, Alexandra, Victor and Mel


DD1: Sarah Kallisto
DH: Sebastian John
DD: Adora Amabel
DS: McKenzie Andrew "Mac"
DS: Oscar Simon
DD: Claire Sophia

Sarah and Sebastian with Adora, Mac, Oscar and Claire


DD2: Cordelia Willow
DH: Charlie Gabriel
DS: Josiah Washington
DS: Angus John
--DW: Kimberly Elizabeth
--DD: Gabrielle Madison
DD: Juliet Allison
--Dbf: Thomas Alasdair
--DS: Iago Thomas
--DS: Alexander Patrick
DS: Kai Brogan
DD: Kiara Lily
DD: Avon Cordelia
DD: Emma Rowan

Cordelia and Charlie with Josiah, Angus, Juliet, Kai, Kiara, Avon & Emma
--Angus and Kimberly with Gabrielle
--Juliet and Thomas with Iago and Alexander


DD3: Nora Tamar
DH: Aaron Jonah
DD: Annika Laurel
DD: Aurelia Carys

Nora & Aaron with Annika and Aurelia


DS1: Jeremy Jonathan
DW: Katherine Marissa
--DS: Elias Rock
--DD: Emer Felicity
--DS: Edward Noble
--DD: Eleanor Amity
--DD: Esme Lily
--DS: Everett River

Jeremy & Katherine with Elias, Emer, Edward, Eleanor, Esme & Everett


DD4: Alexandra Rosabel
DW: Kevin Lee
AD: Rosabel Isla
DS: Lucas Wilde

Alexandra & Kevin with Rosabel & Lucas


DS2: Victor Anthony
DW: Tindra Tove Astrid
DS: Cooper Emil Azarel
DD: Jennifer Clara Keziah "Jenna"
DS/DS: Tristan Johan Jeremiah / Tyler Robin Daniel
DD: Autumn Sophia Carmel
DD: Tierney Ingrid Jael
DS: Abraham Magnus Malachi "Bram"
DS: Jasper Inge Bartholomew
DD: Dahlia Ronja Micaiah

Victor & Tindra with Cooper, Jenna, Tristan, Tyler, Autumn, Tierney, Bram, Jasper & Dahlia


DD5: Melanie Jessica "Mel"
DH: Kenneth Marcus "Kenny"
DD: Libby Pax
DS: Henry Earl
DD: Felicity Thomasina
DD: Edith Frances "Edie"
DS: Björn Ramsay

Mel & Kenny with Libby, Henry, Felicity, Edie & Björn

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